Full Moon Spread


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I made this spread with the intention of having coherent and related positional meanings between the siblings spreads.

This one, the Full Moon Spread, should be done whether commencing the First Quarter, during Waxing Gibbous or on Full Moon Night of course.


3.- What begins to fade away, to darken, to abandon you... or what needs to be.
2.- What gets completed. What closes a cycle.
1.- What can be seen with clarity, so bright that can even blind you.
0.- Yourself. Shadow card, from the base of the deck.


Edited to add a suggestion on the usage of the moon spreads: I strongly recommend you to start your moon cycle study with a new moon, and to analyze your full moon reading with your new moon reading's notes on hand. This, based on what I've appreciated in other readers's experiences with this spread, and also to get the maximum from it.


Oh I love it! and I love how it can be easily compared with the New Moon spread as well!


I did the New Moon spread and got a very nice outcome, still waiting to see how it will manifest. Now, I'm gonna make this one for sure on the 28th! Thanks, Eowyn!


Inanna_tarot and Ronia thanks so much of considering my spreads.

I already had some interest results, showing me continuity among the spreads.

Thanks and I hope they result useful for you guys :D


Another nice spread :] Well done.


Oh I can't wait to try this one out during the fool moon. Thank you so much.


used it, blogged it, linked it, loved it


Very nice spread! Will try it out for today's full moon.


Edited to add: Tried it out, excellent reading! With my Bohemian Gothic. :) Blogged and linked back here. Thank you!


inanna_tarot said:
used it, blogged it, linked it, loved it

Couldn't have said it better, myself. :D
Thanks for this pair of spreads, Eowyn.


That's good :) I'm glad.