fun exercise

isthmus nekoi

I made this exercise up for several reasons

1) less wear on the deck/no need to shuffle after you're done to clear the deck
2) good to get to know a new deck
3) sheds more light on a reading

After a reading, I open the deck randomly. I see the spread, and what each card means to me, and pick the one that best connects to the random card in the deck. They don't have to mean the same thing, they just have to relate. I try to really think about it... ie not just sticking the suits together b/c they have the same feel. I work through the deck this way starting near the top so I don't have any repeats. The fun part is, you don't have a choice for the last match and the connection b/w the last cards can be very revealing....


Isthmus: That is an interesting approach to the subject of "clearing" the deck!
Are you doing this with every spread? It requires being able or willing to invest more time into the reading if you are using every card to offset the original spread.
On occasion, have used 1 or more random cards as sort of a counterpoint from the remainder of deck for my own throws & for others on occasion. Also for questions after a reading within the context of the throw--some intriguing results have been produced. Sometimes the process seems to lend itself to yes-or-no type questions which are limited to a basis or framework established by the previous cards of the spread.

isthmus nekoi

Yes, I guess the downside would be the time it takes... I do this for all my readings b/c I've found that it's worth my while - it really forces me to focus on the meanings of the cards instead of being satisfied w/a vague overview when I'm feeling lazy :) If I think it would help, I let a querent do it. I'll explain the random card if they aren't familiar w/it - it's interesting b/c sometimes, the querent will pick a card totally different from what you were expecting!

Could you explain the yes-no questions from the random cards a little more? Do you mean you create a new mini-spread from the random cards?


Isthmus: So sorry, I just saw your question at the end of your last post on this thread!
I only use random or additional cards if I feel the need after a main spread reading, such as a Celtic Cross spread &/or if the querent has particular questions regarding an aspect of the reading. I limit the questions to what is within the spread, which serves as a reference for them.
For example: A Celtic Cross for a repeat client centered on work & finances with side references to other areas. Basically,
I read it as a good time for job-seeking, or an employment opportunity was in the works. Someone in an influential position would be helpful to her, possibly related to the new opportunity. There was a health issue that needed to be addressed more fully. A possible loss of income--it wasn't clear how it could occur, but it seemed related to the family in some way. This was an odd note in an otherwise upbeat reading.
She told me her main concern was her employment status. Worked a few years for the same company on a part-time status & desperately needed & wanted full-time status. Encouraged by a previous reading of a few months before, she'd finally applied for a full-time position. Full-time positions are scarce, highly coveted & difficult to acquire. A couple of co-workers were supportive of her but office gossip is often just speculative talk or well-meaning. She had not received official feedback within the time frame given, & it was a couple of days past. She strongly suspected another co-worker received the position she applied for.
For each of her questions (I think there were 2), I took the remaining cards of the deck loosely in my left hand, held my hand over the table & let part of those cards fall away, onto the table. Depending on the card revealed, & referring to the spread, I answered her questions. There are usually enough cards to permit 2 or 3 questions as the bulk of the remaining cards will fall onto the table. Any card used for a question is put aside. I do not recall what cards resulted from her questions, but the question & answer session went something like this:
Q: What is happening with my job application?
A: It is in the process of review; probaby by at least 2 people. Some kind of delay in the processing as well.
Q: What are my chances with this job?
A. Better than most! If this position falls through, there will be something else because the indications are that this is a favorable time in the job market for you.
Subsequently: she was called to a manager's office & told the job was hers.
She was looking at resuming medicine to control her cholesterol, which was affected by weight gain & stress.
Her ex-husband decided to reduce the child support payment, leaving her short of funds.


when i want to randomly order a deck w/o shuffling, i start 7 seperate piles of cards. then i randomly put a card on top of each pile until i get thru all the cards. sometimes i go thru this system a few times until it feels "right". i do it card face up and down. it helps me develop a more relaxed connected meditative state before doing a reading. i learned the method from the celtic wisdom deck by caitlin matthews.