Does anyone else here belong to the site? What do you think of it? I have just joined and have watched one show so far. I love it! So just wondering what others think about it as well. What all have you watched on this site? Has it helped you at all in any way?


Wow, no-one? amazed!

Last night I watched the movie, "Monk with a Camera"--the documentary about Nicholas Vreeland and how he became the first "western" abbot for a Buddhist Temple in India. Very fascinating!

I've also watched many other shows--one with James VanPraagh, where he was interviewed on his mediumship abilities. There are so many different things available on this site for a low monthly cost. I'm really enjoying it and can tell I will be quite busy for the rest of this week watching shows!

Lots of documentaries on here, tv shows, spiritual shows, health and well being shows, medium and psychic ability shows, yoga, mediation etc. Very interesting clips from 5 minutes to 2 hours so far that I've found. :thumbsup: