I did it. I ordered the deck! :D


Shadow Wolf


Now your in for it !!!!!

Don't say you weren't warned !!!! (LOL)

Wisp Wings

Way to go Nevada! I know you will be glad that you did. From just the people on Aeclectic alone that I've seen when pulled/draen to get them.... I believe that they or their fae influences have been with the people for along time. Really I believe that other faeries are in their lives and it is kind of 'the more the merrier' thinking that is with those faeries that pulls one to buy this oracle....that and to know that if they are wanting to communicate with you, these are the ones to best fit that bill.

I hope you get them soon and have the time to do the exercises in the first section of the book all long before the holidays. LOL, they will be adding an extra spark of excitement in the air! When you do start off with the book, just read from the beginning and STOP immediately at the first and every time thereafter that Jesa tells you to stop and to do an exercise. I would suggest do not so much as to turn a page until you've the opportunity to do the complete exercise at hand. If you do the exercises answering every single question it is time comsuming, but worth it and it is something that you can never get back in the same way ever again. So it is a gift to sit and make yourself do the exercises.

I would also say just for the fun of it and a gathering meeting, for you to not touch the book at all at first and just spend a good 30 minutes to a couple of hours just playing with the deck and both you and the faes seeing each other face to face. I can't remember the thread, but saying "gathering meeting" made me thing of a person (infact it may have been in Yahoo's F.O. or F.O. Chat Group)... but this one girl when she was first getting her deck, she had got out into nature and gathered pieces of it to bring back and she invited several close friends over and they sat in candlelight and had sprigs and feathers, and such around and they all had their first encounter with the deck together and they attempted to read the cards for each other without the use of the book, just going on feel. She was the one that opened the pack and first met with them and with her having the friends there and handling them, didn't bother the deck as to peoples concerns of influences and such, plus these were her good friends.

Sorry... too long without posting to this and now I am rambling.


Wisp Wings,

Thank you for the tips! I will go through the deck first without the book. Yes, I've been hearing the call of this particular deck for some time.




To me, Gawatcha is his name, and in my fae, Gawatcha is definitely a he. I really had a hard hard time with this particular faerie, I didn't understand the faerie itself in the card, I didn't understand if he was hiding something for you or him, or what he was doing, if he was playing, or what. He said, go read the book. I thought for sure, he meant the book that came with the deck, and the book's definition confused me more. Then he said "no silly the other book" and I swear he turned my head around for me to force me to look straight at it, because I turned my chin and was looking straight at Brian Froud's "Good Faeries Bad Faeries" book. I picked it up and hunted down Gawatcha in it. Brian never named the fae, but he did put down under the picture of this fae "Out of the blue faerie" and then, it made sense, I understood him. He was the faerie that made things out of the blue happen, when your tire pops on your car, or you recieve a check for some money due to paying too much on something. Things that happen be it good or bad that you don't or least expect. To me Gawatcha is a faerie to keep you on your toes, to keep your life hoping, so you don't get into a rut of the mill habits. He might hang you upside down, or flip you sideways, or even flat on your back, he may send you spinning in circles in a car, or give you that extra $20 bucks you needed to go buy yourself that pair of earings you adored in the mall the other day. Who knows what Gawatcha will bring next, but it's always a surprise. Definitely a faerie out of the blue for me!