Gay Tarot - LWB


I think the LWB in this deck is tremendously helpful. I still refer to it for cards that I haven't seen come up very often, or in a particulary difficult/confusing spread. But for the most part I'm working on just using my own intuition with the cards. However when I try to use the Witches Tarot after this deck, I find the LWB to feel much more cold and distanced from the reading/querent.
Which makes me appreciate the Gay Tarot LWB all the more. However, the LWB for the Witches Tarot does include meanings for reversals, so some may appreciate that. ( I don't do reversals, so it doesn't affect me)

What do you think of the LWB in this deck (perhaps in comparison to others), and also how often do you refer to it now?


I am glad that Lee had a direct hand in the LWB. Many of them are assembled by the publisher, who may 'borrow things' and miss the mark entirely at times.

What happened with the Gay Tarot is that Lee had definate ideas and worked them out; then an artist was found to prodcue the images. Usually, the creator is the artist, who may not be a writer, or one of those folks that says 'I'm the artist; it is up to the viewer to figure it out." Since The LWB is an intregal part of the packaging, the publishers can take that into their own hands ... at a loss at times.

I really wanted Lee to expand the book which is so frugal so that we could have a deeper understanding of what and where and why - kind of like this study group - but on paper. However, Lo Scarebo did not see it that way. Lee could have a book published independently by another publisher, such as the way the Witches tarot has two books published by two different publishers. However, I think that Lee is on 'sabattical' from tarot once he finishes the text for Tarot of Dreams.

...who could blame him?