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The name serpentine refers to a group of predominantly green minerals that occur in masses of small intergrown crystals. Some say this stone earned it's name from the word "serpent" as it's coloring resembles the skin of a snake.
It was in the 19th century that people became aware of the fire resistant nature of serpentine, as a result is was utilized in many materials and fabrics. According to legend, Romans used this stone as protection against sorcery and the dark arts. Vessels were made of serpentine, as they were said to shatter is they came into contact with poison. Therefore many ancients began using serpentine to craft drinking vessels.

In the ancient civilizations of America, serpentine was considered as a guardian of vital energy as well as a protector of the soul against invisible powers.In the Middle Ages, serpentine was used to house medicine as it was told to increase the healing powers of the medicine and to make it last longer.
To dream of serpentine symbolizes that someone near you will do something treacherous. This stone is an exceptional meditation stone, it will assist one in finding inner peace, as well as clearing the mind to become closer with oneself, but it should be reinforced with jade or chrysoprase to temper the energy.In ancient Assyria, it is told that this stone was carried to request of the gods and goddess to provide blessings.

Serpentine has been used for treating a wide range of physical disorders. It is beneficial for cardiac irregularities, stomach and bowel issues, kidney disorders, and menstrual problems,It can be worn or placed directly on the skin to help women with menstrual issues, such as pain and cramps, it is also said to help regulate the milk flow when one is lactating, as well as assisting women who are unable to reach orgasm due to tension. It will even out the moods and calm the wearer when in stressful or hectic situations.In ancient civilizations, serpentine was used as a talisman, it was said to protect against demonic powers as well as promoting fertility. It is still used to protect against snake bites, poison and magic spells. In China and India it is quite often incorporated into altars, carvings and temple decorations, as it is seen as a protective stone that will bring peace.


mine locations

1.Southwest Africa

Egypt Jasper

The ancient Egyptians wore jasper scarabs as amulets as th stone was believed to increase sexual energy. According to the Bible, jasper was a direct gift from God and would be the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem. Also, both Indians in Asia as well as Native Americans see jasper as a magical rain stone and also a powerful healing stone.
Jaspers is called an ornamental rock, it is an opaque and fine grained variety composed mostly of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz, in association with other minerals, which is what give it those colorful bands and patterns. It is found in almost all colors .Found worldwide, a wide variety of named jaspers is found in the western areas of the Unites States; California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Washington.Picture jasper is a petrified or silicated mud that dripped into gas pockets in molten lava. It became superheated and then solidified forming the unusual banded patterns which are typical of this stone.

Jasper is a massive, fine-grained, opaque variety of chalcedony, believed to protect against sight defects and drought. It may occur in shades of brown, grayish-blue, red, yellow, green and even purple."Orbicular" jasper has white or gray, eye-shaped patters surrounded by red jasper. "Ribbon" Jasper is striped and used in carvings, cameos and intaglios, which help to show off it's layered structure. Hornstone is a gray variety of jasper.Traditionally when worn as a decorative necklace jasper is known to combat exhaustion.
Jasper is protective. It can align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies, it is stabilizing and healing. Legend says that Jasper would drive away evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites. In the fourth century it was thought to bring about the rain.As well, Jaspers of all kinds have long been attributed magical powers in just about every culture known to man. Jasper was used in Ancient European times as a "rain bringer" and it is interesting to note that the word for jasper in some American Indian cultures also meant, "Rain Bringer".

When laid on therapeutically, red jasper stimulates sexuality and fertility. Red-brown jasper is particularly beneficial in the treatment of liver, spleen and pancreas issues.Drinking jasper water on hour before each meal is said to promote weight loss (to create jasper water, place the stone each night into a glass of water and cover, by morning it will have become jasper water). To combat constipation, drink the entire glass of jasper water every second day, the very first thing in the morning.Yellow jasper is particularly good for menopausal women, and they should drink the jasper water each and every morning. In addition, yellow jasper is known to strengthen the immune system.

Jasper is a fairly common stone, and it is generally worn or carried to promote mental processes and to restrain dangerous desires or whims that may lead to hazardous situations.

Jasper need direct contact with the skin, after each use, the stone should be cleaned under warm running water and recharged overnight in a bowl of tumbled hematite stones to be recharged.

Each color of jasper has it's own corresponding magical nature and uses:
Red Jasper (energy: projective, element: fire, planet: Mars)
Red jasper was typically engraved with images of lions and archers and carried to guard against poison and to cure fevers. A fine protective stone it is often used in defensive magic, as it sends negativity back to the original sender. It is also used during health and healing spells, as well red jasper is worn by young women to promote beauty and grace.

Brick Red Jasper
Often called the "mother of all stones" and the first transformer due to is magical properties. This stone will balance all chakras, stabilize the energy fields and protect the wearer for negativity by absorbing those vibrations.

Green Jasper (energy: receptive, element: earth, planet: Venus)
Green Jasper is the talisman for healing and health. Ring green candles with green jasper to promote the body's healing or to ward off ill-heath. Wear green jasper to halt hallucinations and to promote a restful sleep. It is also worn to become more sympathetic to others and their emotional as well as mental states.

Brown Jasper (energy: receptive, element: earth, planet: Saturn)
Wearing brown jasper will help for centering and grounding, especially after a heavy magical ritual, psychic or spiritual work. If you tend ot live with your head in the clouds to the point of possibly endangering you own life, please wear brown jasper for grounding and protection.

Mottled Jasper (energy: projective, element: air, planet: Mercury)
For protection against drowning wear mottled jasper. It is said to e especially potent for this type of protection when it is cared with the image of an equal armed cross, which represents the powers of the four elements, of foundation and control.

Black Jasper
Should be worn when you would like for other people to leave you alone; it is quite good for personal sacred and ritual spaces.

Helps to regain and or use your personal power. It balances and protects the third chakra.

Chakra:Solar plexus,sacral,base,root,brow

Mining locations


31.Hematite/magnetic Hematite/Lodestone

Care of Magnetic Hematite Jewelry

Magnetic Hematite Products, should be removed before you shower, bathe, swim or wash hands. Chlorine or salt water may damage your magnetic hematite products. Do not put magnetic hematite products in any type of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machines. To clean magnetic jewelry, wipe with soft wet cloth using mild soap, rinse cloth, wipe soap off jewelry and dry. With all magnetic clasp jewelry, due to the high gauss magnetism, do not pull clasp apart, you will damage it. Instead, slide the clasp apart.

Magnetic Hematite products should never be placed directly over an open wound, nor should they be used by individuals with pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps, or any other implanted electro-medical device, or if you are pregnant. Diabetics should check with their doctors before wearing. Keep magnets away from computer disks, videotapes, credit cards or any other magnetic media. Skin discoloration may occur if you have high acid secretions from your skin or low pH levels. If you perspire in the heat the salt secretions from your skin can also cause discoloration, which washes off with soap and water.Magnetic Hematite wraps can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or anklet.Magnet Therapy ~ For Stress, Fitness & Feeling Better ~

Many people wear copper and magnetic products to help relieve the problems of arthritis, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation, reduce joint aches and energize the body. Our attractive superior quality of Magnetic Jewelry combines the power of magnets for maximum relief and timeless beauty! Magnets have been used for centuries to relieve pain throughout the body and help in energizing the body. They have been know to help you if you suffer from headaches, migraines, back pain, arthritis, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia (FMS), sciatica, elbow pain and much more. Magnetic pain relief therapy promotes the blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism of the body. Magnetic pain relief therapy is SAFE, non-invasive and non-addictive. Our early ancestors who found and used the magnetic force were mainly from Japan, China, India, Egypt and Greece. The Lodestone or “Magnet” as we commonly know it, has been existence for over 6,000 years.

see lodestone for other properties


32.Rainbow obsidian

Obsidian is associated with Pluto - Greek god of the underworld and keeper of hidden treasure.Obsidian is a grounding stone but also contains a fiery element. It is useful for developing the strength needed to stand on your own convictions against any enemy (hidden or otherwise).Rainbow obsidian is particularly powerful in meditation to dissolve shock, fear or barriers. It expands your consciousness, sharpens the senses and can help you delve deep into mysterious phenomena and experiences.

Healing properties of Obsidian
Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use obsidian to help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience. Black stones have protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can be used to create invisibility.Obsidian is actually natural glass that is formed when hot lava is submerged in water. This is a strong grounding stone and is known as "the protector". It is said to "mirror one's soul. This stone brings about objectivity, dis-attachment and is grounding. It reduces fantasy and escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, and therefore is protective. This unusual black stone absorbs darkness and converts it to white light energy. It is a warm and friendly stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouraging ones survival instincts and is grounding. Black obsidian brings higher Chakra light into lower ones; cleanses and uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility with the advent of change. Obsidian is used in scrying for divination purposes and often found in mirrors and crystal balls. Obsidian is used for transformation.

Folk Remedies: Obsidian is believed to draw imbalances to the surface and helps to release them. Problems or issues that are hard to face can be brought to light with obsidian. It is said to reveal half truthsBe Alert & Awake
Indicated for: general weakness, tiredness, exhaustion, lack of attention and memory, deficient circulation

Promotes: revitalization of body and mind, concentration, memory, courage, enthusiasm, security and personal power

Affirmation: Life flows inside me, I am moving light. Mindful and well awake, I manifest my intents.


Mine locations
1.South America
5.United States
6.San Carlos Apache Reservation in Arizona



Cleansing,purifying, and charging your crystals

Crystal Cleansing:
Using the 4 Elements.
When receiving your crystal for the first time it is very important to clean it. Especially if it is going to be worn as a necklace. Before purifying a crystal, it is good to clean the energy of the space you are working in. If you are indoors doing this, choose a room you are often in. A bedroom is a good space to choose if you leave your necklace and jewelery there. If not, if there is an altar in your house, it is better to leave the crystal necklace there. And if you live in the country, woods, have a garden, or sacred space it can be very powerful to cleanse your crystal outside. Next is to cleanse the space with sacred medicine; herbs. Here the Native Americans use Sage or Cedar and down south in Mexico and Central America the Native Americans use Copal (a sap and sacred plant).
Cleanse the space your in, the corners of a room where energy gets stuck, your own body, and the Crystal. Make sure there is the Element of Air (such as a window open if indoors) so that the energies can move on.
Scientifically when a space is closed up (room or body) it holds a lot of positive ions which are harmful to your body. Spaces that are closed up with a lot of energies moving thro them (such as large malls) have a lot of positive ions polluting the air. While negative ions are healthy for the body. The come in coniferous forests, they are in the trees, near or above the sea, and in storms of thunder and lighting. They come from Mama Earth.
Sage, Cedar, and Copal take away positive ions and leave only negative ions. These sacred medicines take away the bad Spirits.
When you smudge and clean a space, a crystal, and body remember you are holding a ceremony. You are using the ancient medicines of the Natives. They are not just nice smelling incense, but a powerful medicine that must be respected. Many people who work with Spirit and in Ceremony begin their journey of wisdom on the Red Road with calling on the medicine of these sacred healing herbs of Sage, Cedar, and Copal. They carry the Frog Medicine of Purification.
So to begin your own healing work, so that you can walk with Spirit, become the Medicine Woman or Man within us all and hold your own cleansing ceremony.
Many Natives of the North use Sage and Cedar with a Abalone Shell. If you don't have one, use any natural object. The Shell represents the element of Water. The match which lights the medicine represents Fire. The herbs and medicine of sage, cedar, or copal represent Earth. And the smoke represents Air.
Holding a ceremony of the 4 Elements is very powerful. It can lead to a lot of Self Healing! I personally have just this year started holding ceremonies with the 4 Elements and its extremely powerful. Spirit gave me this gift, this knowledge, and now i read of it and see it done, thus am confirmed of the power it holds. As well if you are holding a Self Healing Ceremony with your new Crystal, you can add the medicines of Tobacco of Fire/Earth, Drum, Rattle, Chant or Song (music) of Air/Earth, water as Water, and food as an offering, such as Corn, Beans, or Fruit of Earth. And of course our Grandfather Fire representing Fire.

Purifying your Crystal: After the smoke and cleansing of the herb medicines, it is now time to use the Element of Water.
First you need a bowl of natural material, such as a sea shell, abalone, glass, ceramic, stone, or wood. No plastic or metal. Now pouring water into this bowl. It is most powerful when the water is from our Mama Ocean. If not available, using any spring water, river water, or running water is as well powerful. And if that is just not possible, use your city or bottled water, but before you must make a ceremony with it. A ceremony of love and healing towards the water, so that it too can be purified. Then add a pinch of sea salt (1/4 teaspoon per liter). Using sea salt dissolves it equally among the molecules of water and creates an electric charge in each molecule of water. This is stronger than the molecules of the crystal and thus erases all memories, and positive ions of the crystal so that it can be ready for holistic healing use.
For 7 days & 7 nights you place your Crystal Necklace or any Holistic Healing Crystal that you use for healing in the Sea Salted Water to purify at night. This is done to erase the memory of the crystal. That is why when you have a crystal and let others touch it it must be cleansed afterwards. They are very sensitive and pick up others energy with touch. Crystals are proven to be so powerful as they are used as memory chips in computers and electronics today. That is why its so important to clean the past life of the crystal so that you can work with it a new.

Charging a Crystal can be equally as important as cleaning it, but must not be done alone. There are different manners to clean a crystal, but i find my favorite is done in a Full Moon's light.
As well if you need to work on a certain element within yourself. As most do, you should charge it on that certain Elements Full Moon. Such as i am Earth - Virgo and resonant with Earth energies in every cell of my body. And secondly i am Water. I must work with the Elements of Air and Fire more. I must learn to move like the Wind and not stand so grounded always and as well live with passion, love, and Fire.
2011 Full Moon's
April 17th is Air - Libra
May it is Lunar Beltane and in Water - Scorpio
June 15th is Fire - Sagittarius
July 14th is Earth - Capricorn
August 13th is Lunar Lammas and in Air - Aquarius
September 12th is Water - Pisces
October 11th is Fire - Aries
November 10th is Earth - Taurus
December 10th Total Lunar Eclipse is Air - Gemini
As a women i resonate so with the moon and feel its power within me. But as i do my Earth Walk i must learn to carry both energies within, Feminine and Masculine. So that i can live with balance within myself. To know duality, but walk with Unity. Thus i feel charging the crystal at Sunrise or Sunset is beneficial as well. But never in the full Sunlight as it is too powerful, just in the Sun's genital times of day.
There is also a Sun Sign each month as it transits.
2011 Sun Transits
April 20th its in Earth - Taurus
May 21st its in Air - Gemini
June 21st Summer Solstice is in Water - Cancer
July 22nd is in Fire - Leo
August 23rd is in Earth - Virgo
September 23rd Fall Equinox is in Air - Libra
October 23rd is Water - Scorpio
November 22nd is Fire - Sagittarius
December 21st Winter Solstice is in Earth - Capricorn

And the last note on taking care of your holistic healing crystals is on how to carry and to transport them around with you. You should carry them around in RED 100% Cotton or another natural fiber such as Hemp, linen, silk, or wool. Red has the slowest absorption rate of luminous vibrations and is most resistant. It forms a natural energy barrier, which prevents outside energies of other people and life and forces to enter into the crystal. As well the properties and energy of itself and yourself are within it, and you don't want to give off these energies as well. Red is the color of Spirit in the Rainbow Medicine Wheel.


Using a Pendulum (Dowsing) To Align your chakra's

Place your pendulum over each chakra and ask your pendulum for its: direction, size and speed.

Construct your own or use a Chakra chart to determine on which chakra to work on, if it is balanced, under or over energized. In the same manner you can determine if or what stones or colors may be needed. Go through each of the chakras and make sure that you construct your questions in a way that they can always be answered with a YES or NO.

It is not necessary to do the assessment over the clients body. It can be done over the palm as well. The first chakra can be assessed over the wrist, the second at the thumb, the third over the middle finger, the fourth over a small finger, the fifth over the index finger, the sixth over the ring finger and finally the seventh chakra over the palm.If we concentrate on balancing the chakras it will lead not only in balancing the chakras itself, but the physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances caused by their deficient functioning.

The pendulum is basically an amplifier. It is a tool that helps you to access the collective unconscious and your Higher Self. You can get answers to anything you can come up with.Every one is basically capable of working with the pendulum. Learning to work with it is like learning to play an instrument. It requires constant practice and experimentation Making mistakes is part of the learning process. The results you get will reflect your stage of spiritual/mental development. You should not use the pendulum for egoistic reasons. Use it only for the well being of others or yourself.REMEMBER: Swinging the pendulum requires that you be undivided and totally present in the moment.

Depending what are they used for, they can be for: healing specific illnesses, for adjusting chakras, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, map dowsing). They can also be: Simple: tear drop, ball-shaped, conical, spiral, made from brass, copper, crystal, wood, ceramic. Or with their own radiation: Universal Pendulum, Osiris, Isis, Karnak, Mer-Isis, Atlantis...

When selecting a pendulum follow your intuition and choose one that you like. You can make a pendulum yourself if you take a thread and hang a weigh on it which can be any object you like. The thread can be 15 to 20 cm long. Tie a knot in the thread at the length where the swing of the pendulum feels the best.It Has been tested that the best pendulum to have is a diamond shaped pendulum,also known as a double pyramid design.This is the best optimum pendulum because it has the proper weight distribution, and design for the most accurate readings.The pendulum works off of gravity,weight, and electromagnetic fields.The energy radiates off of everything on the earth.



You can ask about anything you like with the pendulum if the question can be answered with YES or NO. But first you have to determine what each pendulum movement means for you. Take a seated position at a desk or table. Place you feet flat on the floor resting your elbow on the desk. Hold the pendulum by the end of chain between your thumb and index finger. Make sure that your upper body and back are straight, that the energy can flow freely. Put your other hand flat on the table. Relax. Let your breath flow calmly. Make sure before you start that you will be undistracted. Do not swing the pendulum when you are tired. Hold your pendulum over the center of the illustration shown below and you ask: “What does a YES look like?” than “What does a NO look like?” The pendulum can turn in the following directions: up-down, left-right or in a circle.



RIGHT:The answer is YES
LEFT :THE answer is NO

Up and down:The answer is yes
Left to right:The answer is no
Practice several times a day for at least a week. Once you have determined your YES and NO do not deviate from it. When you programmed your pendulum test it. Prove to yourself that it really works. Ask questions you already know the answer. Otherwise always assume an unattached and unbiased attitude. When you have determined a clear Yes and No, ask your pendulum how it swings for “I do not want to answer” or “I can not answer that.”

REMEMBER: a correct answer will follow only when the question is asked in the right way.
You should test your pendulum for accuracy before you begin to work. Use a numbered chart 1-100% and ask how accurate your pendulum is. The ideal would be 100%. If it is below 60% do not swing the pendulum, ask about the reasons or try some other time when rested and calm.
You can place your pendulum directly over an object and test it. You may want to test your water, groceries, medications, gemstones, flower remedies, determine what therapies are good for you by writing down the name of couple of them. You can test the energy of your house, evaluate your sleeping space, and more. In order to work easier with the pendulum, you can work with charts, like the Meditation Techniques, Color, Past and Future Life, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy Oils, Tea or Chakra Chart, just to mention a few.
Here are a few ways to use the pendulum.
Love,health,career,Travel,money,family,Investments,and Lost items.
Think of a question that is relevant to any of these catagories and to get the best results,make sure they are yes or no based questions.You may also use pendulum charts, which will all be listed below.The charts are mostly used for dowsing,and not so much for your chakras.You may make custom charts for your chakras and which ones need attention.Too see more into detail into charts look below for more info.

Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is a powerful antenna that receives information from the vibrations and energy waves emitted by people, places, thoughts and things.Noted physicist, Albert Einstein, was known to perform impressive feats with such dowsing tools. He believed that it had to do with electromagnetism: just as birds migrate following the earth's magnetic field, dowsers react to energies that are unseen and still not fully understood.

Some people say that the pendulum creates a bridge between the logical and intuitive parts of the mind. Some say that the pendulum connects them with a higher power and call it "divining" as the information is believed to come from a divine source. Research by many scientists indicates that the pendulum responds to electromagnetic energy that radiates from everything on Earth. No one knows for sure how the pendulum works, but the important thing is that it does work! As Thomas Edison is said to have replied when asked about electricity: "I don't know what it is, but it's there, let's use it."

Other famous dowsing advocates in history include Leonardo De Vinci (inventor), Robert Boyle (father of modern chemistry), Charles Richet (nobel prize winner), and General Patton (U.S. Army). Another way of looking at it is realizing that a TV antenna can pick up invisible rays and translate them into pictures, so perhaps the inherent electrical current of the brain can also act as a receiver for which the pendulum serves as a transmitter.

But regardless, even if you do not understand how the pendulum works, just as most people don't know the inner workings of a television or telephone, you can still benefit from its use. You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum; there is nothing magical or mystical despite the fact that friends and family are always amazed at its uncanny accuracy.How you believe it works may be secondary to the fact that it actually does work - and you can experience it for yourself.

Let Pendulum Power guide you.

The first chart that can be used is an alphabet chart.This chart is used to spell out words or sentances.Take a piece of paper and draw a half circle.Then on the inside of the half circle ,list all the letters in the alphabete,starting from the botom,up and around to the other side of the half circle.example=abcdefgh and so on,then on the bottom of the half circle in the middle,draw a littler half circle, and make 7 slots like a pie.In each slot put in order from left to,period,comma,question mark,explamation point,(, ), and this is how you make your alphabetic chart.
The second chart availible is a yes or no chart.This hart is used for yes or no questions.Personally This chart is optional as you will elarn in time how to tell the yes or no answers by just looking and swinging you pendulum ,as explained earlier in this lesson above.To make this chart just simply draw a full circle,and in the middle it will be like a north west east map diagram.draw 2 line through the middle ,one going up and down , and then the other going parallel through the left and right.Then draw a 2 more line to fill in the other points.Now the one line that is going up and down is yes.The line going parallel is no.The line going left to right is maybe. and the line going right to left is rephrase the question.This would be easier to explain if you just look the chart up to see exactally how it is done.
The third chart is used for percentage questions.This chart is similar to the alphabet chart, the only difference is that instead of using the alphabet , you use numbers.To make this chart you creat a half circle and then alot the bottom ,going up and around to the other side ,you number starting from 0 and going up 5 incrimints. for example=0,5,10,15,20,25 all the way up to 100.
The last chart is used to locate which chakra needs to be attended to.This chart should be drawn is a half flower pattern ,and in the middle a crown pattern with three sections.You will most likley need to look this chart up as it is difficult to explain.

These are just some of many charts availible to use wit your pendulum.


Hi Egypt, this is a lot of work you've gone to.
Is this from book you are writing?


This is great! I was just looking at books on crystals and Tarot the other day. Your resourse is right her in front of me. Thanks!!!!!!!!


ty both

lol no it is not from a book, all of my information is from self taught learning. I took a class in all of the subjects i have listed. When i got out of highschool i wanted to learn about stones and chakra's, so i took a class at my local stone store by a specialist. I am a very creative person and i love learning new things:)

I am also a stay at home wife,so i have a lot of time on my hands and figuared i would take them time to add something to this site to be remembered :) Something i enjoy myself and wanted to share with all of you.
I would make a book , although that is out of my price range at the moment lol.It is a wonderful idea for the future though.I also just recently learned about pendulums this year and how to use them, so i will be updating the thread for them more frequently.

I only write down from experience and facts :) It is much better than looking up a million books for half answers lol.It also excited me because this information will stick with you all for ever. The brain is always learning and growing!! So feed it people!


Thank you Egypt. Now back to your most generous sharing...