Gem substitution


When you don't have a particular stone, you can substitute it:

AMAZONITE: Aventurine. AQUAMARINE: Beryl, Emerald.

BERYL: Aquamarine, Emerald. CARNELIAN: Coral, Red Jasper, Sard.

CAT'S EYE: Tiger 's eye. CHRYSOCOLLA: Turquoise.

CITRINE: Topaz. CORAL: Carnelian, Red Jasper.

CROSS STONE: Staurolite. DIAMOND: Herkimer diamond, Quartz

Crystal or Zircon

EMERALD: Aquamarine, Beryl, Green Tourmaline, Peridot.

GARNET: Red Tourmaline, Ruby. JASPER: [Green ] Jade. Green


RED JASPER: Carnelian. JET: Obsidian.

KUNZITE: Pink Tourmaline. LAPIS LAZULI: Sodalite.

MOONSTONE: Mother of Pearl. SUNSTONE: Citrine, Carnelian.

OLIVINE: Green Tourmaline, Peridot. SARD: Carnelian.

PEARL: Moonstone, Mother of Pearl. PERIDOT: Green Tourmaline, Olivine

RUBY: Garnet, Red Tourmaline. SAPPHIRE: Amethyst, Blue Tourmaline & Blue Zircon.

SUGILITE: Lapis Lazuli. TOPAZ: Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline

TURQUOISE: Chrysocolla.

NOTE: Quartz Crystals can be charged with the magical attributes of any stone, as can Opals, through your visualization. When working with physical healing it is best to use the stones indicated & not the substitute which may not have the same healing powers.


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