Get my act together spread


I've been looking through the spread index but can't decide which to go for.
I seem to be just drifting along in my life and I'm not happy. We don't have a lot of money, as a result of this we live in a little house that I haven't settled in. My spiritual path has floundered and I'm exhausted 24/7. I do suffer with depression but am on meds for it. I feel quite lost, like my life needs a kick up the bum! Then pointing in the right direction! I was wondering if anyone can suggest an all in one spread? TIA


I´m sorry to hear that you are not happy and I hope things will change for the better soon.
Did you also check out Glass Owl´s Spreads? There are some really good ones like "Situation snapshot", "What Matters", "Your Pain" etc.
Maybe you can find something there? You could also design a spread of your own. Or modify an existing one to suit your needs better.


Hi Debs, sorry to hear that :( :heart:
I suffer from health problems and have depression / anxiety problems and have some saved spreads if I need cheering up. Not used them for a while but my must have spreads that give me light....

Light at the end of the tunnel
- this is a large spread but so good and two different ways of doing it. This is a more of a "giving hope" spread rather than what action to take.

EmpressSha's Guiding Light Spread - for when you don't feel yourself, another large one exploring spirituality.

What can I do more/ less of Spread - okay this was originally made for anxiety but I think you can use it for so many situations and just 3 cards! what can you do more of? what should you do less of? what new thing could I try out?

Those are my faves but do look on the spread index page for goals and personal growth here Maybe this SWOT strengths analysis spread could help here


Hi Debs

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit rubbish and stuck in a rut :(

There's a spread I use when life is kinda misaligned as you have described. I like it because it usually throws up some something relevant for me to ponder, identifying imbalances or conflicts that I need to sort out.

The spread's focus is more or less entirely internal. But it really helps to make sure that you're thinking, seeing and feeling things consistently and communicating yourself well to those that matter most. It's a touching base with what you want spread :)

After using this spread, I'm usually able to identify a path ahead or at least some small changes I can make to start improving things and working toward something better. Hope it does the trick - I'd love to know how you get on.

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simplytarotweb´s spread

Sorry simplytarotweb but I removed the link as per our Aeclectic Tarot Forum Rules
(I have sent you a PM)

Your spread is here:

Chakra Tarot Spread

In the Chakra Tarot spread each position is aligned with a chakra and depicts influences, blockages or advances to healing and completion of mind, body and soul. Sometimes people need reassurance that they are being honest with themselves and others, and this is a good reading for that. It’s also a good spread for those who may be confused about their own emotions and intent.
The Reader should pick seven cards for the positions in the Chakra Tarot spread below and lay them out in a vertical line starting at position one and ending with position seven.

1 I Know : Crown Chakra
The situation from the Subject’s perspective; it is what they already know about a situation. With certain cards in this position a Reader can see how self-aware the Subject is and any blockages here can represent issues around self-realisation.

2 I see: Brow / 3rd eye Chakra
This position reflects how the Subject views the situation. It is important for the Reader to consider what the Subject ‘sees’ and how it differs to what they ‘know’. Importantly, the Reader should use this position to understand whether their Subject is seeing with clarity or not.

3 I speak: Throat Chakra
The card in this position will show the behaviours, characteristics and opinions the Subject is expressing to the outside world. Here, a Reader can consider whether the Subject is being honest in their dialogue with themselves or others.

4 I love: Heart Chakra
This position points to important and close relationships. A Reader should look at the difference between the ‘I love’ and ‘I feel’ cards; the card in this position is more likely to represent the state of enduring, unconditional love or relationship.

5 I can: Sacral Chakra
This position should illustrate what the Subject believes they can do in their situation. It could highlight major obstacles or advances and their influence on the Subject. Here the Reader should be able to determine levels of self-esteem, determination and the Subject’s sense of personal power.

6 I feel: Solar Plexus Chakra
The card in this position should define the Subject’s emotional reaction to their situation and how this translates to their relationships. It should also highlight the emotional capacity of the Subject; meaning the Reader should be able to glean whether the Subject is at the end of their tether or whether there is still hunger and passion their situation.

7 I have: Base Chakra
The Subject’s physical reality and their perception of it, are they succeeding or just surviving? It could relate to a job, money or home. The Reader should establish whether the Subject feels stable; questioning if their foundations are strong enough for their current situation.


Thanks for posting the spread details Hemera :) I'll be more careful in future!


"Arrow Forward" tarot spread

It's been awhile since I posted but I came across your post from an email notification and thought I'd add something. I've been wrestling with some of the same issues lately and decided to put together a new spread building off of your post. I'm calling it the "Arrow Forward" spread. Unfortunately it came out with more cards than I'd hoped but I think it works. :thumbsup:

The layout follows a visual pattern of an arrowhead with the top at card 9. You could probably rotate the layout so that it points left or right but cards 1 and 2 are more or less the "foundation" of the layout...


1. Money - How are you supporting your life? Do you like your job? And so forth...
2. Home - The place you live. Is it okay? What can be done to improve it? And so forth...

3. Body - How is your health, your medications, your stamina? And so forth...
4. Emotions - Is there anxiety, stress, depression? Feeling okay? What to do about it...
5. Mind - Is your mind working well? Orderly thinking? Communication okay? And so forth...
6. Spirit - Do you feel connected to something greater, the divine? And so forth...

7. Happiness - Advice on what is needed to find happiness in the current situation.
8. Fulfillment - Advice on what is needed to find fulfillment in the current situation.

9. Direction - Points to your next, immediate goal or needed direction.

If you, or anyone else, wants to try it out and let me know I'd appreciate it.