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I currently own 3 different tarot decks. I find that when I buy a new one, no matter how much I like it, it just doesn't click with me. The readings don't make sense and sometimes even seem inaccurate. Is there anyway you can break in a new deck or something without spending months and months of reading with it?


I recently bought the Fantastical deck. My first new deck in years. I slept with it under my pillow, shuffled everyday. I also put the cards in suit order and then looked at each card and read the meanings from the LWB as I did so. Just to become familiar with them.

After a week I tried a reading and it was pretty accurate. Hope that helps.

Rhiannon :)


Sometimes we get a little caught up trying to remember then recite the meanings of the cards in accordnace to the information in the little book that comes with them. Or we try to develope our knowledge of the cards based on "traditional" information and "esoteric" meanings which we have gleaned from some other source.

Try this....

1. Sit comfortably. Take a long deep breathe and then just clear your mind. Take a few minutes to do this.

2. Shuffle your deck. Have no particular purpose in mind. Just sit there and shuffle them slowly. If you drop a few don't worry. Just pick them up, add them back and keep shuffling.

3. Now place the deck on the table, floor where ever and cut them into 3. They don't have to be 3 perfect stacks just cut them as they naturally do for you at this time.

4. Starting from the stack on the left add it to the stack on the right then the stack in the middle.

5. Place your finger tips lightly on top of the deck and (with your eyes closed and a vision of the deck clearly in your mind) ask your question out loud.

6. Then take the first card and place it to the left saying out loud, "this is the past situation"

7. Then the next card place it next to it and say out loud, "this is the present"

8. Then the next card place it next to it and say out loud, "this is the future"

9. Now sit there and quietly look at the cards. The three will tell you a story. At this stage don't try to remember all the information you have read about these cards. Just look at them. Look at the detail on the cards and whatever information or suggestions come straight to your mind no matter how obsurd it may sound just stick with that. Even if the impression that card is giving you has nothing to do with the meaning you have learnt or read about it, just stick with whatever comes to your mind for those cards.

10. Now pull a forth card and lay it above all the others and say out loud, "this is the possible outcome"

11. Again just go with whatever you feel and hear in your mind. Don't analyse it. Just go with the first thing that comes to you mind in answer to the 3 others.

12. It is important at this stage that you say out loud whatever it is you are seeing in the cards. Don't say it in your mind. Do the reading as if you are talking to someone across from you and it is their reading and you are providing them with the information that comes to your mind.

Try this exercise regularly. It will help to develop your intuitive self. The cards do not provide the answers. They are only a medium to inspire your intuition when you are looking for guidance, whether that be for yourself or someone else. Use them as a tool not as the crafter.

A carpenter's lathe does not create the finished piece, but is merely the tool to
help his imagination to materialise it.

Let us know how you go.

Brightest blessings


Thank you, destinyawaitsme
I thought I was the only one going through that. I've got so many decks now. I'm totally confused. But I think with the advice that MystiqueMoonlight gave I might be seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.


i went thru the same deal when i had just purchased my Vertigo Tarot Limited Edition deck. i flipped thru it and drooled and put it back in its box. then i proceded to buy a few more decks, always going back to the vertigo and drooling more.

i didn't wanna own up to it at first, but it was calling me... i was not able to work with any other decks because it was the one for me. so i gathered my courage up and started using it for readings.

i now have 5 decks... and i found two companions to the vertigo, ones it'll let me play with as well (funny how we're always attributing personalities to our decks and how they feel about us. too bad the old forum archives are gone as we had a thread on this idea) the Faerie Oracle and the Phantasmorgasmic Theater decks...

sometimes it takes time for you to work with the deck you just purchased other times, as with most of my decks, they are just part of the collection and help me to draw new connections to the symbolism.

i have no idea if this helps you at all as the others have posted better suggestions, but i just thought you'd like to know that it's not just you and that it does happen.

blessed be,



Listen, even to tarot readers with a long practice such things may happen. There are one or two decks in my collection I never used for reading because they do not click with me.

I just keep them for a while to make up my mind to keep them for collector's sake or to trade them some day.


Me too, Catlin!

In fact, most of the decks I own are purely collector's decks for me. The only one I use now is the Robin Wood deck, although some of my friends prefer other decks such as the Celtic Dragon or Witche's Tarot, which I'll happily use for them.



Well, I started out with the Shapeshifter deck. And after trying to take Joan Bunnings course...I decided it was really hard to use that deck, because the pictures (although lovely) rarely had anything to do with the actual meaning of the card. So I bought the Zerner-Farber...when I first got it I was disappointed because I was experiencing the same problem I described above. BUt after a few months of using it and getting familiar with the meanings I felt really comfortable with the deck. Then I bought the Buckland Romani deck, and faced the same problem as before. I love both decks, and would hate to just stick with I've been trying to read with both of them. But thanks for the advice everyone.


out of the 20 decks i own, i feel comfortable reading with maybe 3 or 4 of them. interestingly enough, one is the standard rider-waite, and the few others are clones. i learned on the r/w, and several years later, i'm still most comfortable with that traditional imagery. i can only imagine that time is one of the few tools i have to "learn" a different style deck. at this point, i'll probibly stay with my robin wood deck for most of my readings - i find that i am still learning...
luv and light,


Just ask yourself what attracted to you to that deck to begin with, maybe you'll see it again in a new light? I too, own many decks, and I use different decks for different purposes. However, like most of you, The Robin Wood is one of my top favorites, along with Tarot of the Cat People.