Getting Printed


Hmm, the Mystic Eye had this on their site --
"Have you designed a Tarot Deck, computer program, written a book, etc., that you would like to see published? Contact us and let us know what you have, and let us see if we can help! For those interested in digital publishing: We offer FREE digital publishing in exchange for limited image usage in future products. As always, our main focus is the promotion of ideas, art, and the creative forces behind them."
I'm wondering if this is of use to anyone? Has anyone here checked them out on it?


FREE digital publishing

Digital printing is MUCH cheaper than any other sort of printing. LESS time, BETTER printing with out any problems as such.

Printers may can charge you what they want and give all the jargon too.
It's worth checking out what the spec is before hand i.e Mac/PC. 99% of printers work on macs, other software compatability, turn around, paper, varnish......

Also don't be affaid to shop around re:Digital printing. It's not new and the world of print moves very very fast.

It also depends on how many deck they will print in return of image use.

I think it's worth contacting Mystic Eye (Dawn) to find out, it might be OK. :D
It's worth doing if you want to get other there and have no money!

The plus with this one is that it's digital. No matter what artists say about their deck, if you had one deck printed with digital and another deck printed with the "normal" process the digital deck will always look much better!! even if it's printed in mass as during the "normal" printing process the printing will change esp at the start.

Oops I will eat my words here as some I spoke to one printer and I was told different. The printer told me the don't do digital as it's not consistant, yes is faster, yes it's cheaper. I will be sent some samples in the post to see for my self.
This debate goes on.......

I have seen the difference myself over the years but I think this could that the printer doesn't want to change all his machines etc. for digital printing.

Anyway getting back on track sorry I can't help answer your question but I will contact them about the subject and let you know, unless someone else who knows of any info that can help us


Clearing things up

I had a nice reply from Mystic Eye but I don't think it's what you might be looking for as therir is nothing better that holding your own deck in the palms of your hands. However I do see a posistive in this but I would still deck want my deck printed. It's still worth doing if that's what you want.

At first I thought this was a bit misleading but Digital publishing means Digital publishing. Digital printing is something different but I would of called it electronic publishing, which is the samething but is much clearer.

For me if I was to publishing a deck I would go all the way, to me it's just like online gallery or having a phone reading, I will need to hit other markets.

-----Mystic Eye writes
Digital publishing is just that... digital. There are no physical
decks. The cards are in a digital, software format. In exchange for digital
publishing rights in my own software, that would still maintain your own page of
any type information you wish (advertising, contact info, other projects,
web address, etc.), I offer you your own tarot program featuring your deck
that is yours to do with what you wish. Sell, give away, feature on your
website,sell to other websites, ect.
I hope this clears things up a bit.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to write back.

Regardless of all this i think that the Mystic Eye site is a very GOOD site with some good taraot card comments/reviews which you can take part in which gives a real view good or bad. :)


That's sort of what I thought too--maybe useful for someone trying to get one or two sets made, but when you're looking at actual deck manufacturing, you'd have to actually go out and do the legwork yourself.

Still, I thought it was worth sticking up here, as I'd never seen this offered before & thought it would be useful to someone.