Getting to know the Gothic Tarot by Vargo


Okay, folks! I just got the Gothic Tarot! I intend to throw myself into the depths of this deck and discover its secrets for weeks to come! What should I expect? What should I know to prepare me for this journey? Thanks!


Did you see the movie Van Helsing?

It just opened in the U.S. Anyway, some of the black and white scenes or period movie mood reminds me of the Vargo.

To me, it's like watching an old movie and I don't take it seriously. I mean I do get involved in the story and I find it's moodiness very good to keep the attention--but I don't get so lost in the costume drama and I don't get scared of sleeping in the dark.
I had to calm down too many younger kids. But I do like to write stories with a darker edge sometimes for interest and classes. I think this is a great imaginative deck for that type of interest.

Some of my more sensitive friends just don't like action or period horror films or film noir, so it's not for them. So if you are feeling like an escapist, moody deck is great, then that's wonderful for it.

But I realized sometimes if I am sad because of real life events, I don't actually recommend it. Not because it's too dark--it's because I think of it as too silly and I don't appreciate it for what it is.

Best wishes,



Kittaine, I hope you love this deck as much as I do~!

No, it's not the kind of deck you pull out for "every reading." Folks who don't know Tarot at all might climb the walls once they see cards with grinning vampires and cackling gargoyles.

But this deck reads more intuitively for me than most, and I don't even know "why". I just know it does... maybe because I don't find myself falling back on RWS imagery and meanings as often, dunno.

And I just love it. The artwork is stunning, the subject matter is dark and to me, very erotic and appealing. ;)


just got mine yesterday!

some of the imagery seems directly from the RWS, others from TdM and still others probably from the artist's head!

any other advice on starting out with it?


Vargo is gothic. If you understand that mindset, the deck may make more sense to you.

If you see Bram Stoker's Drakula, and recognise it as the love story it is, not a monster horror flick, than you have some understanding of what it is to be gothic.

Many of the cards were not painted/drawn for tarot but were adapted from his other works. The talismans were added later in most cases. So his representations can certainly very.

BUT I find that there are other decks that do the same kind of you just kind of have to go with it.


well, I see Stoker's novel Dracula as many things, love story, monster film, detective novel! I'm a big BIG fan of the vampire genre, so I don't think I'll have trouble relating to this deck!



I only have Eighteen cards left until I would have posted my thoughts on this WHOLE DECK!!!

What an awesome ride it has been. I have never explored a deck as much as I have this one, and I still have not done a single reading with it!


I like the design. The cards are not over charged and most of the cards give a good creepy sensation.

No decks are perfect. I don't like the way the deck had been cut. On one side of my deck I can see some restraint/minus chipping on cards. It's not exessive but not fun for the type of person (like me) who like to keep the integrity of the card as much as possible. But it's my problem. I am thinking of getting another copy.

But I like it.