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So, I need a bit of advice for to help out some friends. My really good friends have been living in a house that is 100+ years old for about 5 years. They bought the house knowing that it was "haunted" and were find with it. The spirits in the house didn't really put off any negative vibes and didn't seem to have any malefic presence. As they lived in the house they have sometimes seen presences and had minimal contact with at least 3 different entities in the house- however we do not know anything about their identities. There seems to be an older woman in the house, a middle aged man, and there is also a younger spirit that seems to be connected to the older lady....there is also potentially an unknown 4th spirit presence as well.

As I said, the spirits in the house have in the past been peaceful and non-threatening. Well the house being 100+ years old, my friends have of course wanted to remodel the place and have been slowly doing so since they bought it. They have recently started remodeling the upstairs by tearing out the old wooden lath and plaster walls...putting in insulation...bringing the wood work up to code and rewiring, etc. As of late one of the spirits seems to be getting quite agitated. Stomping up and down their stairs, and the hallways...moving around a lot... even 'sitting' on my friends bed at night when they are trying to sleep and making them very uncomfortable/anxious/not rest well/etc.

They don't want to completely smudge the house and get rid of all the spirits and they're not sure which spirit (could be one...could be all of them) is actually becoming irritated. The one time they considered smudging and talked about it... well, it was bad. The spiritual activity in the house really kicked up...things would fall off shelves, tools from the remodeling would be "misplaced" or completely stop working all together, loud stomping and banging.... They then said they wouldn't smudge the spirits and the activity went back to a tolerable level.

What would be good to help with the situation? I considered buying some raw black tourmaline pieces and hanging up in different places around the house....any other specific advice or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

Edited to add some photos of the house.


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A couple of clients of mine had the same situation--a few benign spirit encounters when they moved into their house, but when they began remodeling, one of the spirits started acting up and making them very uncomfortable. They tried sending the spirit to the light, with no luck, so they asked me to see if I could connect with it.

I did connect with an older gentleman who had spent the best part of his life in that house. He still considered it his home and he didn't want them messing with it. I had hoped to persuade him to allow me to help him go into the light, but he didn't want anything to do with crossing over--he wanted to stay and get them to leave so they wouldn't change his beloved house.

After I understood the source of his anxiety, I told him that he was lucky the home had been purchased by these two guys who wanted to make it beautiful, and who were willing to spend lots of time and money doing so (the home was a "fixer-upper" with good bones). I told him that if these two hadn't moved in, the house might have gone further into disrepair or even been torn down for a new build, and I mentally showed him an image of his beloved home with holes in the roof, rain coming in, broken windows, etc. I said that these two men were very respectful of the house and just wanted to care for it and love it as he had done.

This got him to the point where he was okay being crossed over, and he readily went into the light at that point.

So maybe ask to talk with the spirit, letting it know what is going on and that your friends love the house and will take care of it.

Oh, also, spirit activity will often increase when work is being done on the home, as they find power tools an easy and plentiful source of energy.


First of all, I will tell you that it doesn't need to be an old home to be a haunted home. Spirits can come to any building of any age--including newly built. they are everywhere.

Every home I've lived in has been haunted - or at least had spirits there along with us, save our newest purchase, which really surprises me. Unless they have yet to make their presence known to me.

I would recommend that your friends speak to the spirit and explain what they are doing and why it is necessary for them to do these improvements and updates. They can speak out loud to the spirit as if they were speaking to someone sitting right next to them. No need to yell at them--they aren't generally hard of hearing.

My husband and I currently also own an old farmhouse, that was built in the 1790s. When we remodeled the kitchen, which was added on in the early 1900s, we also had this same sort of issue. A woman spirit--one who had lived there in the farmhouse would beat on teh walls something awful - and generally in the wee hours of the morning, while we were still asleep--like 2amish! I finally had a discussion with her--and told her these updates were necessary and after that--no more issues. the banging stopped and the kitchen remodeling was completed.

I also had an issue with one of the male spirits who lived there and owned the property. Sometimes he'd appear to me as well--but never acted like he saw me. But the biggest problem we had with him is that he'd open doors all the time. Even when we were not at home. We'd come home from being away and find the front door wide open! Nothing was ever stolen, and we don't have proof it was the spirit, but again after a talk to this man, I told him how dangerous it was to do this in this day and age and that he was putting my husband and I in grave serious danger. It stopped.

One of the things he also use to do was throw open the front door--which was a very heavy and thick wooden door. Now, keep in mind, this door would also be shut tight and locked as well as the metal screen door facing the outside. When I had the above mentioned talk with him--it also stopped.

If this stuff doesn't work--then yes, I'd recommend some crystals for protection and also perhaps putting out bowls of salt in the 4 corners of the home. Also getting some holy water to bless every room could be done.

Good Luck with this to your friends.


there was a lot of suggestions to help Padma in a previous thread where she had a nasty or dark presence in her house, thread here. I think crystals and other protection ideas are the solution if they don't want to get rid of them.


Stop all the drama, calm everything down, just don't allow any more drama. Talk to the spirits and be firm - lay out ground rules. The more nerves around the more energy around and as you know, they feed off it.


I have to say that I had no problem with ghosts in my past. Or else, it is possible that I haven't a particular sensibility there.
A long time ago I read concerning shamanism in Asia -I can't remember where- but I remember the way shamans was doing in order to get rid of indesirable spirits; well, probably it was a part of a larger ritual, secret, I don't know.
Actually the shaman made a deal with the unwanted spirits. He connected to them and by imaginary (or concretely) he was offering them beautiful things. In exchange of his offerings, He asked to the spirits to go away.
I find this is a way to do fairly peaceful. Well, I am sure there are things more expeditious!


Oh, I just remember about something. At first they did something with their divinities in order to protect themselves.