GHOSTLY...or no? Thoughts?


I think they might be energy imprints in some cases - like the old man sat in his usual chair in the library. Some might be ghosts who have never moved on? I have heard it said when one dies violently, or suddenly, the spirit does not always move onward into light.

What I found interesting was apart from the possible monk in one of the photos, none of the ghosts appeared to be earlier than the 1830's or so. I wonder where all the earlier ones are?


Some I question and one or two are mentioned as fakes like the little girl that is actually on a postcard as well.

The Amativille (?) one is simply spooky and demonic.

What I find interesting is some of these ghostly apparitions do not know they are dead because they seem to be participating or blending in. Eg Monk and Lady in White on the Pew.

Lastly, some stare directly at the camera - so not too sure about that at all.

DND :)