give spirit christmas present visualization


when i was laying down thinking of my niece i wasn't going to be anymore at christmas time, and thinking of how we wouldn't be able to make our offering since we are a hotel this year.

then i thought of an old give the spirit a flower excerise and this came to me.

1. think of the deceased love one you are missing.
2 ask the creator to bless this
3. take from the heart love and make a green box (heart centre is green)
4, decorate it as you like in your mind..
5. ask the creator to share some light , and it will put a ball of light into the box
6. visualize that ball into a gift,, like a giant motor cycle, a dolly,, or a trip to china,, depending if they were motorist when they were alive, loved to travel the world. in other words it would be unique to your loved one and your memories.
7. box it up and send it up to the heavens as it takes off guided by angels like a shot.
8. you can add in many gifts for many people in the green box rather then make one for each loved one, it will be easier unless you don't have that many passed on loved ones.

when it ends up in the heavens.. it is like a big announcement and gabriel calls them with his horn and they come excited..
and when they get the let say bottle of whiskey, or dolly it looks thousand time better then on earth..
and as they use the gift,,they also receive your memories and are happy for you are thinking of them.

so i ended up sending gifts to my papa,nana,, aunty, great grandma , my niece , my brother all in that box of love and sent it up there.