"Give Your Deck a Chance to Speak" Spread


I just gave this spread a try with my current deck, Tarot of the Pagan Cats - loved it! I loved being able to read what my deck has to say and have a lot of inspiration now moving forward with it. Will definitely be trying this spread with some other decks as well. Thank you for this, great spread!


I'm so glad you guys like it and find it useful! :D :D :thumbsup:


I also used it with both of my decks. It was funny to find out that my Mystic Faerie deck wants me to use it for more intelectual questions and that my Angel Tarot wishes for me to be more confident while reading xD

ana luisa

A friend of mine used it with her deck and it gave her such a mouthful !!! :bugeyed:


this is brilliant! i think we all need to give the cards a chance to give their opinion on us and their use periodically because they have "feelings" too! lol


Love this! I'm always a little sad after I interview a deck because it's seems like the only time the cards get to talk to me. Can't wait to try this one!



just wanted to tell you after doing this spread, my cards gave me a fantastic revelation. so thank you for this.

my cards gave me a talking to how i need to stop just looking at the cards and walking away and forgetting it and that they wanted to be used for deeper use like they used to be, which i was already exploring by the time i did this, but it taught me amazing lessons and this spread had all the right questions and my cards all the right answers!


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