Giving decks as gifts/Personality of decks

Major Tom

I've borrowed this from Faunabay's thread about where we physically keep our decks. I thought it was important enough for it's own thread. }>

Quote:goldie (21 Nov, 2001 14:22):
Sometimes in speaking to someone I find a paticular tarot matches to someone and I let them have it.....keep myself balanced in the giving and it always attunes me with the next deck , i buy....BLESSED BE

This is an absolutely lovely practice Goldie! :) Do you find the decks 'wants' to be with that person? Did a deck you did not buy ever find it's way to you? I've given a few decks as gifts but somehow it always seemed to be the Rider-Waite. :)

I've always wondered if it was people who give tarot decks as gifts who spawned the notion that you couldn't buy a deck for yourself? :D

This also raises the topic of different decks having different personalities. As if these bits of coloured card are sentient beings, each deck seems to have a mind of it's own! I'm finding myself constantly amazed by the variety of personality types. Some of them clash so harshly with my own personality that I don't bother to consult them. }> The trouble is, I'm beginning to suspect that those decks are the ones with the most to teach me. :D


I definitely believe that each deck has its own personality. I have seen this in the case of 'jealous decks', and decks that I click with more, and decks that muck me about in readings, giving me silly answers.

As for giving decks as a gift, I haven't done that yet, but will be this Xmas.



I have a little three card spread that I use when I get a new deck. I think I saw this spread in Power Tarot. Anyway, it is called the New Deck Spread.
1. What will you teach me?
2. What must I do?
3. What will our relationship be?
I throw this for each new deck I get. I have a special notebook just for these new deck spreads. I record the date, the deck name, the positions, and the cards themselves. I also note if I have any specific books that go with the deck like a set book or a book that was bought separately. I enjoy going back and looking at the readings. As Major Tom said, there are some decks that have more to teach than others.


Reanne I love that idea! Thanks for sharing I think I will do this with my decks :)

I also agree that each deck has its own personality and those I connect with often call to me depending on my mood. I have not encountered a jealous deck ... sounds scary ;)

As for giving decks for gifts ... oh yes I love doing that. I try to match them with the personality of the person I am giving it to or ask them for their "wish list" and pick one off their list and give it to them :) I always tell them that if they do not like the deck that we can go trade it for something they would like better, and they know I am serious about that. Afterall Tarot is personal (at least to me).

I have also received decks as presents and have treasured them always!


I also believe decks have their own personalities, but think that a big part of the deck's is really the creator's personality. Which actually boils down to the same thing. :) Each deck is different and reacts differently.
I have certain decks I can use for just about any situation, then I have decks I can only seem to get something out of if it's for a certain type of question (relationships, career, etc.) or if I'm in a certain type of mood.

Needing to work with the ones you clash with is an interesting notion, Major Tom. I find that to be true with alot of the essential oils (aromatherapy) I work with. If you have an extremely! harsh reaction to an oil - that's the one you really need to work with. But I'd never really connected that with tarot. hhhmmmmmmm?


raeanne (22 Nov, 2001 00:39):
I have a little three card spread that I use when I get a new deck. I think I saw this spread in Power Tarot. Anyway, it is called the New Deck Spread.


Thanks for the Spread info.

As far as giving decks away, I only have 2 friends that even own Tarot Decks and neither one of them has ever really used them. But I was thrilled last week when my brother in law bout me a deck from CA.