Goal in Life Spread


I was looking for something kind of spiritual and just found some about career so I came up with this one. I gave it a couple of tries and got sensible insight.

1 Goal
2 Current state (searching/right path?)
3 How you will start?
4 How you will end it/be remembered?
5 Your Special skill involved
6 Medium of expression (politics, business, writing,...)
7 What you've already developed
8 What you still have to develop
9 Who will help you
10 External conditions that will support you
11 Who will oppose you
12 External conditions that will go against you



Life Goal Spread

Hi watchman291273,

That's really interesting because I use something quite similar to your Life Goal Spread. I call it The Path and - you see -, I just add two more cards to the layout.

1 Mission
2 Present Level
3 Biggest Challenge
4 External Perspective
5 Best I/You can do
6 Alchemy
7 Past
8 Future
9 Others
10 Protection
11 Obstacles
12 Occult Level
13 Outcome
14 Message from the Higher Self

12 1 5
11 4 8
10 3 7
9 2 6
It's a good meditation spread, I think.
And my clients usually love it.



Thanks for sharing, we even have 1-2 and 10-11 in common.
What does "Alchemy" stand for exactly?


Hi again!

Alchemy stands for what I/You need to express in the material level using the suits as a metaphor. Its a kind of Magician work, having the 4suits (or realms) to handle and create something that suits your soul.

PS - Sorry 'bout the spread design ... I wasn't able to make a perfect copy/paste of it. Usually looks more logical and healing than the strange thing I posted ... But you got the idea.


Terrific spread... and especially useful for querents who don't have a single BIG QUESTION that they're focussed on.


Can this spread help you find a goal to strive for? Or help focus a general idea for a goal you have?

Looks like an awesome spread though! ^_^ Will have to try it out some time soon.


Hi Utuku, Scion and Watchman ....

Well, I guess it helps on both ways.
I draw it because I think that tarot readings can help people feeling more centered along the way. I found it a nice layout to share.
Thanks for your kind e-words ...

PS - Next time I'll try to post the true layout design ...


I wrote a version of this reading, I am not sure if anyone will be interested but I added to the cards a little bit though took a similar approach - I tend to try to think of everything so I end up with heaps of cards in my spreads ;)

Goal In Life Spread

1. What is your goal?
2. Where your progress stands at the present time
3. The biggest challenges you have faced in the past
4. The biggest challenges you will face in the future
5. Where you have received the most help in the past
6. Where you will receive the most help in the future
7. How to overcome the challenges
8. How to attract the help
9. Probable outcome if you cannot overcome the challenges
10. Probable outcome if you do overcome the challenges
11. Probable outcome if you accept the help offered
12. Probable outcome if you do not accept the help offered
13. Advice for the present
14. Advice for the future


Very excited to try these spreads!