Goal Spread


Here's a spread I created that relates to achieving a goal.

1. The goal as your subconscious mind sees it
2. What should be changed about the goal
3. Obstacles to achieving the goal
4. What will help you achieve the goal
5. What you can actively do to work toward the goal
6. Likely outcome

Position 1 was originally just "The goal," but I figured that was a pretty useless position, since if you're asking about a specific goal you already know what it is. I thought it would be useful to have a position that tells you what your subconscious feelings about the goal are, since they might be different from your conscious feelings.

Position 2 tells you what about the goal might need to be changed. For example, when I did a reading with this spread and asked about my goal of becoming a professional writer, I got the Moon in this position, which I interpreted as telling me that I should focus more on the creative aspect of writing and less on the "career" aspect.

Positions 4 and 5 look fairly similar, but position 4 describes what sort of help will be given to you, whereas position 5 tells you what you actually need to do.

I don't have a layout for the spread yet. The way I used it was like this:
but I get the feeling there's probably a better way to arrange it.

le pendu

Oh this looks GREAT Luminessence!

Thank you! Will try it soon.



Hi Luminessence, I tried your spread and this is what cards I turned and a brief first glance thoughts on them

Position 1: Queen of Penticles I see this card as representing my need to feel secure in the written project I'm about to complete, which will lead to being recocnised as more qualifed hence self growth.

Position 2: King of Wands This position I found more difficult, is the card suggesting to be more like the King of Wands or telling me to not be like this. I see the card as refering to risks (either to take them or avoid them! Does it suggest to be confident or is it warning about being overconfident?

Position 3: 6 Cups This card is telling me not to let the worries of the past plague me (this project has been past all criteria but 2. I just need to adjust my writing to cover this but see this as relating to blocks in thinking clearly)

Position4: 5 Swords: Is this advice to keep a clear head and be focused on the facts in order to meet the critera.

Position 5: 9 Wands My fortification has been to inlist a friend to read it with a critical eye. I need to be flexible in my approach as many ideas may materialise (word count so need to be brief.)

Position 6: The Fool oh help does this all mean the prospect is not good - foolhardy as I'm slightly blind as I dont know for sure what the moderators are looking for.

Any feedback welcome as I'm still very inexperienced at reading the cards.


Looks like a keeper, she types trepidatiously, faced with organizing a spread journal...


Luminessence, I love this spread! I tried it with modified positions yesterday and had great success.

I did a slight alteration on the draw order:

1. The goal as your subconscious mind sees it
2. What should be changed about the goal
3. Obstacles to achieving the goal
4. What you can actively do to work toward the goal
5. What will help you achieve the goal
6. Likely outcome

And positioned the spread like so:


I had 1 as the root, which seemed appropriate considering the language about the subconscious mind. Then I had 2 and 4 as influences coming from within on the left, and 3 and 5 as influences coming from outside/from the world on the right. (First the obstacle and alteration for adjustment, then the assistance and active work for pursuit.) Finally, I crowned it with the outcome card.

Does this make sense? I hope I interpreted your intentions here correctly!

Regardless, thank you for a lovely spread!


This is a really great spread!

Thank you :)