Goddesses..+/..and Tarot with different types


I can't post this in spirituality..I wish that I could...but, I don't have that type of membership.....I really have been wondering ..different things regarding goddesses....one is that I would like to have one or more be my guides...and "backbone" in my life...like mentors...that would help me to becoming a much better, much stronger individual..that wouldn't feel 'Betrayed" by so many people in my life....I have really gotten hurt the last ten plus years..and I want it to stop...are there some VERY stable Goddesses out there that are so durable....that they could be my "backbone" literally for me? I really need to lean on that....partially to change my life for the better...and for a stronger belief system....I am trying to change and be a person who won't take bull from another person who "claim" that they will be there for me...when all they do is lie...I want to be able to see those Red Flags, on the first take!
I apparently saw them, but, I didn't fix my life, when the bad stuff kept right on happening to me...so now ,I want to totally renew my life, and start fresh, and "see" what I usually push away from me...I just want to "face the stuff" and or "own up to it"...because I didn't before, and I ended up either hurting other people, and myself in the process.I just want to see, things ahead of time,.,...and I want to "deal with it ,head on, and be bull-headed" about it as well, and not hurt any longer.

I know that I cannot be a perfect person...but, I just want to have a loving and strong belief system (spiritual system) that I can get thru my life,and not screw up anymore....
I know some of the Goddesses...but, I need some ideas.....the Goddesses on the Goddess tarot deck(Chris W's deck)...seem to be ALL eastern Indian...and not that that is a bad thing..because it isn't...I just expected the deck to have much more influences,,from ALL CULTURES..ya know? SO is there also a deck out there, that uses a lot of different types of Goddesses out there on a tarot deck...and which ones of them, are so strong, in your particular opinions?
I just need some really strong views on what you may know about..regarding strong women mentors... and also a great Tarot deck with Goddesses on them...from all cultures...if you know of any?

thanks, Lilwinky


I identify most strongly with Selene, a Greek moon goddess you don't hear a lot about. My magickal name is Selena. Here's a link to an article:


Her Roman equivalent is Luna.

The Goddess Tarot by Chris Waldherr might give you some other ideas.


I would also highly recommend The Goddess Oracle by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto.

The artwork is gorgeous, and the set includes a nice, thick book with plenty of information on the goddesses, as well as meditations and ritual suggestions. The cards are excellent for ritual/spellwork or meditation, as a focal point.

:) Luna