Golden Tarot -- 10 of Wands


A man (who actually looks quite feminine to me, except his foot gives him away, I think), dressed in a gold-colored robe stands outside, awkwardly holding his bundle of ten leafy wands. He is slightly bent over from his heavy burden and looks unhappy. Just behind him are some heavy-looking sacks. In the background are a gray sky, gray water (river, I think), gray mountain. He is alone with his burden, which he seems to be carrying in order to accomplish his work. He is managing it, but there is no happiness in his expression, and no indication that the work will or the end product will be of benefit to anyone but himself. Nothing but work, work, work, no end in sight.


Spreading oneself too thin. Trying to accomplish everything all at once. Physical exhaustion. This card can also be suggesting the need to delegate tasks on a project