Golden Tarot -- Eight of Swords


A nun (at least it sure looks like a nun to me) stands on a snowy mountain top. She wears what looks like a nice warm red cloak. Her arms are so loosely tied in front of her with just two strands of rope that they are practically coming loose against her will. A white scarf is loosely tied around her eyes. She's facing diagonally toward the front left of the card.

Three swords are plunged into the ice in front of her, and five behind her. There are some evergreens growing behind the groups of swords. A river rushes past her.

Maybe it's just the way I see things today, but she looks like she is smiling slightly. She is there voluntarily. She looks to me like she's putting herself through some kind of test. She'll move on when she thinks she's ready, when she has proved herself to herself in some way. She looks pure of heart, and I can't help thinking of the icy mountains she's in as the attainment of spiritual knowledge.

So, to me, it seems as though this card shows voluntary restriction for the attainment of spiritual knowledge. Interesting, and not how I have seen this card before. Not at all what the book says either.