Golden Tarot -- Five of Coins


A haggard-looking man dressed in only a ragged white tunic stands supported by a woman behind him who wears a long patterned dress and matching headdress that hangs down her back. She looks out at us. The man looks up at the ceiling of the chapel where five coins decorate an arch over a stained glass window. The chapel is very dark except for the dim light coming in through the window. At the top of the window is a religious image in a circular frame. The window itself is large, but it is covered in criss-crossing metal lines (wires?) that make it look all locked up tight. According to the book, the man and woman are a couple, but when I first looked at it, that wasn't clear to me since they looked so different from one another in terms of dress. They have apparently come to the church to seek help, but it is unclear whether or not they will find it there. The man is looking so longingly at the coins -- he is interested in material salvation, not the spiritual kind. At this point, the card to me suggests a loss of security, privation, looking for help and not necessarily finding it. It also suggests sticking with someone when the going gets rough.


Prism said:
The window itself is large, but it is covered in criss-crossing metal lines (wires?) that make it look all locked up tight.
You drew my attention to the bars on the windows, they made me think of a prison-type situation~

My first impression of the image was a woman (do-gooder, or Social Worker) bringing a homeless man in for help -OR- a Mother guiding a wayward son to the Light once he finally hit rock bottom.

Looking at them as a couple makes me think of a woman who waited for her husband to get out of jail, or out of the poor-house, or labor-camp. He seems angry at God and the world because of his condition; but, his bad circumstances are of his own making. Being angry at himself will be the first step towards acknowledging his mistakes, and seeing the need for help from others and help from above. It feels like he's on the verge of recognizing that he should ask for forgiveness, forgive others, and (hardest of all) forgive himself. The woman’s loyalty to and unconditional love for him is what many people seek. Shattered faith and broken trust has hindered so many from asking for help when it's needed most.

Lucky man he is, to have someone to stand by him in his horrible condition.