Golden Tarot -- Five of Cups


A pope sits on a wooden chair, turned slightly to the left of the card. A golden lion head decorates one of the chair's supports, which form an X shape. The pope has a white beard and wears black and gold robes. Behind him is a white wall. He leans his head on his right hand, eyes either closed or downcast. Before him are two overturned cups, their wine spilled on the geometric-patterned gray floor. floor. Three cups are full -- one on his right, two on his left. Behind him, with one hand on his left shoulder, stands a concerned looking priest. In the air above his head on his right floats an angel in silhouette, her head in her hand. There are two small statues in the corner, of Adam and Eve and God after the apple was eaten (I couldn't see this, but the books says so!).

The pope is too sad to do anything. He can't even open his eyes to see the full cups. He can't acknowledge -- or perhaps even feel -- the kindness of the priest. He can't see the angel above him.

It's a very effective card, I think, conveying the feeling of utter misery and remorse. It will take time for him to recover.