Golden Tarot -- Five of Wands


Five men, who look from the way they are dressed as if they are five different societies, are involved in what looks like a game involving their wands. One man holds his wand in a horizontal position above the ground, as if he is in a neutral position. Two men are on either side of this one, sort of like they are in two teams. But it's hard to say what the object of this game would be.

The men are dressed in very different outfits. At least one looks like he might be a prince or some kind of royalty. One has a long blond braid hanging down his back. One looks Middle Eastern. They are outside the city walls. It's very early morning. The sky is still dark, but the sun shines and a rooster is crowing.

The card to me seems to be about the spirit of competition and the clash of cultures. There is no feeling of violence. And I get the feeling of an attempt at order, perhaps a failed attempt.