Golden Tarot -- Four of Cups


A sulky boy sits on a rocky hill, holding a red book (I think), which he doesn't read. The barren rock may represent his barren thoughts. He is dressed in a rather ornate outfit of blue with lovely red cloak. His is facing us diagonally from the right of the card.

He is surrounded by lots of animals -- a donkey, which can symbolize stubbornness, some sheep, which according to the book are sleeping, but to me looked like they are cowering, and an unfriendly looking dog.

Three cups sit beside him, but he isn't even aware of them.

There are a couple of objects I'm not sure about -- a bowl and a flask? It kind of looks like a clock, but that wouldn't work for the time, would it? Maybe the bowl was for the animals, or maybe it was for the boy's lunch.

Out of the sky comes an angel holding a flower in its right hand and a cup in its left, which it holds out to the boy, who, of course, doesn't see it. He is lost in his own boredom or bruised ego. The angel offers him at least a new way to look at things, a new opportunity for connecting with the world. He doesn't look like he'll take it.

He's so dissatisfied with his life that he can't see anything good about it. If he'd only get out of his own mind for a second, he could see the angel.