Golden Tarot -- King of Coins


The King stands before us, facing forward and just slightly to the right of the card. He has longish gray hair and a gray beard. He wears cream-colored robes with blue cuffs. The robe is held together by a large golden coin. He plays with it with his left hand.

He is standing up -- which says to me that he is an active, vigorous king. He is beside a table covered with an ornately patterned cloth. On the table are reading or writing stand, an hour glass, a candle, eyeglasses, a ruler, a pair of scissors, and a book. He's reaching down toward something on the table. He's a hands-on kind of guy -- working, studying -- he's probably curious about a lot of things and an interesting sort of person. He's busy with his life.

Surprisingly, just behind him at the left front of the card are three pigs in a pen, all facing the king. The pigs apparently signify the king's connection with the land, but I can't help thinking of the connection also to THE three pigs of fairy tale fame. Just like the King here, the third little pig took care to build his house solidly and carefully.

Behind them is a green lawn, and behind that is a huge white castle with a blue tile roof.

The sky is an elaborate pattern of gold. The King wears an ornate gold crown, and behind that is what looks like a golden halo, but it could be a sun.

The King looks like a serious person. He's thinking hard about something. He's done very well for himself (and presumably his kingdom), and he means to keep it that way.