Golden Tarot -- King of Swords


He is dressed richly in a blue, green and gold robe. It is fastened with a large orange colored jewel. He wears an intricate golden crown. His throne is beautifully carved and covered in a cushion. Behind the throne is a large decorated gold frame, with an intricate ornament on top. His feet rest on a colorful carpet. There is a great feeling of luxury.

He is outdoors. The sky if cloudy. He looks slightly to his right. He holds his sword pointing nearly but not totally straight up. In his left hand he holds an orb with a golden cross on top. A butterfly sits on the cushion. He has long, thin fingers. He looks quite young, in fact. He has fine features, a rather long face. He doesn't looks particularly kind, but he looks intelligent, adn his eyes looks like see everything. He is confident.

What this card is saying to me right now is see clearly, don't let your emotions get in the way. Don't be hasty. Observe before you act.