Golden Tarot -- King of Wands


A young king sits beside a roaring fire, facing the left side of the card. With his right hand he supports a leafy wand that stands straight up on the left side of his body. His left hand is held over his chest. He looks at the top of his wand. He wears rich red and gold robes and an intricate crown. A lizard sits on the arm of his rather severely plain throne. On the wall is an interesting geometrically patterned rug in brown and red. There is also a coat of arms with a lion on the wall.


he seems intent on something. a decision he needs to make perhaps? because the lizard is sitting there beside him, and looking up at the top of the wand also, I feel it is symbolizing that he has a very important decision to make the will effect the king for a long time. Perhaps it is something that could call an end to his reign? lizards are symbolic of psychic perceptions, and because they are also known to be able to flee certain death by breaking off the end of their tale, maybe this lizard is there to remind our king of wands the same thing. possibly he can still escape certain death or certain reigning problems. this king, like the lizard shown is generally seen as being nimble and quick.

I didn't realize it was a lion on the shield. I could never figure out what it was! but, a lion makes a lot of sense since it's hanging in a kings room. thanks, prism.


As a man of many talents, his sights are always set on creating his next masterpiece. He's a restless spirit, never truly satisfied, and perhaps impulsive. Being creative/impulsive, he's someone who suffers from emotional highs and lows.