Golden Tarot -- Nine of Coins


An attractive woman stands in a beautiful landscape. She is luxuriously dressed in a brownish green dress with a jeweled belt and a black fur cloak. Her hair, held with a headband, sparkles and hangs down over her shoulders. She looks at a hooded falcon that perches on her left hand. Nine coins float in the air on either side of her. A plump lamb -- maybe symbolizing fertility and female energy in general -- or maybe sacrifice? -- approaches her from the back right of the card. A basket of grapes and a clump of white flowers are just in front of her to her right.

The sparkling hair, the floating coins, and the beauty of the woman's surroundings create a magical and specifically feminine feeling in this card. The garden she stands in is elevated somewhat. Behind her are rocky hills, a green valley and mountains in the distance. There are a few clouds in the blue sky.

She is obviously a wealthy woman in a beautiful place that looks as though it belongs to her. She has no other people to share it with, but she doesn't look unhappy. She looks at peace with her solitude. Her falcon will protect her if she needs it. To me, the card speaks of enjoying the fruits of one's labors and being able to enjoy one's achievements and success. But it does feel a little lonely to me. Perhaps she has given up companionship in order to gain material achievements. Although her obvious comfort in and enjoyment of the natural world suggests that maybe she has found her companionship in nature, away from the often stressful world of man.