Golden Tarot -- Nine of Cups


A Madonna holding her baby sits on a pretty painted wooden chest. She looks as satisfied as she can be. She's wearing luxurious green robes and wimple (is that the right word?) and a patterned red top. Her chubby baby looks at her adoringly. They both have golden halos. The Madonna smiles out at us. She holds her baby close, and, knowing she has what she wants, she can securely regard the rest of the world and wait for whatever or whoever else will be showing up.

At her feet is a white dog and a magpie, who are looking at one another -- the book says these were to symbolize the social nature of the card. There is also a bowl of cherries, which the magpie seems to be enjoying. This is probably a reference to life being just "a bowl of ...."

Above and behind the Madonna are nine cups on a ledge over a dark blue curtain. It's a card of personal happiness and enjoyment. One thing I particularly like about the card is the feeling of something unknown and hidden, both inside the chest and behind the curtain. Since this is often a wish fulfillment card, I guess it could be whatever we are wishing for.


This is one of my least favorite cards in the deck. I don't see her smiling, she actually looks like she has thin, tight lips. Like she is holding back frustration. Maybe that's just my bad eyesight? I wish there were more clues in this card. It doesn't seem like a typical 9 of cups to me.