Golden Tarot -- Nine of Swords


A man sits up in his bed, covering his eyes. He's nude, and has a nice looking, muscular body. The fact that he looks so physically strong makes an effective statement about how our fears and worries torment us no matter how powerful we may be. He's obviously well off financially. His bed has quite an imposing headboard, and his pillow looks nice and fluffy. It's a very masculine color scheme. The blanket is brown, and the curtain surrounding the bed is a very dark geometric pattern. There is even a separate, totally black curtain that extends from the headboard up to the curtain rod. The man's black dog (itself a muscular specimen) rests its front paws on the bed and looks up at his master, as if to offer him some comfort. But the man isn't even aware of the dog. He's too tormented by his own nightmares.

Edited to add: I just looked at the book, which says the dog is menacing him. But that isn't how it looked to me.