Golden Tarot -- Nine of Wands


A battle-scarred man stands at the very front right side of the card, leaning on one leafy wand in his left hand. He's holding something in his right, and maybe someone else can fill in what that is. His head is bandaged. His rather fancy attire suggest to me that he might belong in the castle that rises up on a hill at the back of the card.

He also wears a thin red belt (a little bit of energy left) which holds his knife. This may signify that he's down but not out.

He is separated from the castle grounds by a walled in area that contains the other eight wands which stand up quite straight. His posture is interesting, but I don't know exactly what it says. His feet are turned out, and his right hip juts out.

He looks tired but not ready to collapse. He's a fighter, and he won't give up. He looks like he is expecting an enemy to show up, and he wants to be ready. He also looks like he could use some help in getting back to the castle, since the way seems to be barred. He also looks like he might not be willing to accept any help that was offered. He might not trust it.