Golden Tarot -- Page of Cups


You can tell this charming young fellow is related to the Knight of Cups -- they share the same sartorial flare (and appreciation for skirts) as well as the same almost feminine demeanor. The outfit worn by the Page is made of very elaborate red and gold patterns, including jewels, of course. He wears matching red stockings. His hat, also large and elaborate, matches, naturally.

In his right hand he holds a large golden cup, out of which pops a friendly looking fish, who seems to be talking to him. The Page listens to him, as if to a good friend. It seems like this sort of thing happens to him all the time, at least with this particular fish. He (the Page) has a somewhat skeptical, but indulgent, look on his face. And what a face! He's beautiful and has a head of curly blond hair.

In the Page's other hand, he holds a message, which he has yet to deliver.

To me at least, this Page seems like a sweet, dreamy kind of person -- totally unreliable, of course, but a wonderful person to spend some time with. The kind of kid who lives in a world of fantasy. Just the kind of sympathetic soul you could tell your dreams to, and he would be happy to share his, as well. Whether or not he has the wherewithal to realize them is another matter.