Golden Tarot -- Queen of Cups


She's a dreamy young blond queen, still a girl, really. She wears a small crown, and a halo glows behind her head. Her robes are golden, too. She holds a closed red book in her left arm. In her right hand she holds a quill pen. She stands before a table, leaning her head slightly to her right. On the table from her right are a basket with two doves, a scorpion, a golden cup and a glass vase. The wallpaper behind her is red with a floral design of black and gold.

She doesn't really look at us. She's lost in her dreams. She looks like she's writing poetry. The birds seem to represent love. The scorpion is there to represent the sign of Scorpio. The vase contains the water that has filled her cup.


I keep thinking this is the Queen of Coins because the card is so rich with gold and red and beautiful things before her on the table. This makes sense because a rich innner and emotional life is treasure.

She follows her feelings. When she is talking to someone she notices how what they say makes her feel. She writes her feelings down in this big book which is as red as blood, as life. The book has straps holding it shut showing that what she is writing are her deepest, most private and true feelings and thoughts.

There are two doves in a basket because two-somes are very important to her. Relationship, friendship, closeness.

The hand blown venetian glass goblet is a lovely expensive thing that shows how rich and beautiful a cultivated (meaning she works with it) emotional life is. It is also delicate and fragile, she is not a tough person but allows herself to be vulnerable.

She doesn't shut down or hide when she finds herself feeling intensities of the uglier emotions. The scorpion is right there on the table where she can see it.

The Queen of Cups glows with a rich golden light that comes from experiencing the flow of emotions, accepting her real self, and feeling compassion for herself and other people.

I sat behind a very slender young lady in McDonalds over the weekend. She had a plastic bag with a bunch of empty Little Debbie wrappers, two bottles of vitamin water and a pint container of ice cream. She would take a few bites of her burger and then a big swig of water, then a few bites of ice cream, more water.... more ice cream... more water. The water is because that way everything will sort of float up when she makes herself vomit.

This card made me think of her because she is the opposite of the Queen of Cups. She's clearly motivated by strong emotion but it isn't expressed and acknowledged, rather it is swallowed down. She can't allow herself to be delicate and vulnerable, but has to "tough it out" and maintain the facade. She will not be able to know closeness in friendship or relationship because she is hiding her real self.