Golden Tarot -- Seven of Cups


A saintly looking woman holds up a large sheet picturing seven golden cups, each holding something beautiful or fantastical or frightening. She looks rather sad, as if she regrets that she has to deal with such unholy or mundane thoughts as are pictured on the sheet.

The cups that are pictured all contain things that we may desire or fear, such as a beautiful face, a golden crown and jewels, a victory wreath, a large house, a dragon, and a snake.

In each lower corner of the image are three young angels. The ones on the right hold a book, and the ones on the left hold a scroll. They look like they are comparing what is written in the book or on the scroll with what is pictured on the sheet. Maybe it is their job to keep track of man's wishes and fears so that they can assist us in either realizing or overcoming our earthly desires and terrors. They are angels, after all. They look like they might be the students of the sad woman holding up the sheet.

To me, the card seems to speak about being lost in materialism or ego-gratification. The book suggests another meaning as well, that achieving one's desires is possible, but you must be careful to choose the right path.


Golden Tarot Seven of Cups

The upper middle cup seems to hold the risen Christ, right over the heart of the pensive lady standing behind. -- the Gnostic vision in a world of dreamwishes. So, choose that which heals and uplifts, or choose that which brings attachment (jewels) or repulsion (little demon dragon). The angels at the lower corners and the lady's face make an enclosing triangle, like a Higher Self inside which dreams come and go.


Thanks for posting this -- I couldn't tell what was in that one cup! And I hadn't thought about where the cups would fall in relation to the lady. Lots more there to think about.


I'm taking a beginner's class and this is the deck I'm using. My homework assignment is to choose a card every day and then write down our interpretations of what the card means within the collective deck. Not what it is interpreted for a reading. Does that make sense? Anyway, here's my interpretation of the card's meaning.

A woman Spirit-guide/Saint perhaps? is wearing a white robe symbolizing purity and red robe symbolizing the Holy Spirit (fire). She is holding a cloth with 7 cups and each cup has a different symbol.

First is a face- This represents the self. Since this is "cups" it is the relationship with have within ourself. Are we true to ourself, and do we acknowledge the emotional state that we're in, or do we need to improve it?

The Home- Represents the family relationship or dymaics in our lives.

Riches- Our relationship with money, or our career. Are we emotionally satified with our job? Do we yearn for more out of our job?

Olive Branch/Wreath- Peace and love. The ability to forgive others and move forward.

Dragon- usually I take a Christian meaning to my interpretations, but I like to think that the dragon is a source of wisdom, as it is interpreted in the Chinese culture. Therefore, it represents how we value the wisdom that has been passed down to us.

Snake- Sin, more personally- our own faults and accepting the struggles in our daily lives.

The Divine- A man (Jesus) with cross-like symbols above his head and he's holding a Scepter and Orb in each hand. He is cloaked in a white (purity) robe. This card represents the relationship we have with the Divine and what was we can improve our understanding.

At the bottom of the card on either side is 3 angles. On the left hand side (spirit) are 3 angles writing on a scribe. Much like the Holy Spirit breaths life to us in our understanding of Christ's teachings. And on the right hand side (Jesus) the 3 angles are reading from the Holy Bible. Just as Jesus is the reason for the New Testiment being written.

The overall theme of this card, depending on the question and position, is that we need to evaulate our life in terms of how our relationships are satisfied and which parts need to be worked on. Further it represents our need to keep our relationships healthy and in check.

Like I said, I'm new to this and so, please don't knock me down too hard if I interpreted the card wrong. I was reading in books/online that the card means the choices in our lives. I think I over-thought this card.