Golden Tarot -- Seven of Wands


A man stands on a hill holding a wand in both his hands with which he appears to be defending himself from six other wands that rise up to attack him from below. He looks strong and agile and capable of holding his own, although the look on his face shows the strain of the conflict. He is standing on a green, grassy area in the midst of rocky terrain, which, along with having the high ground, seems to indicate his advantage and ultimate success. The sky behind him is partly cloudy.

He is dressed in a red tunic over a white shirt. He doesn't have much protection. I get a sense if his vulnerability. There is a lot of exposed skin on his arms and legs. His feet are bare.

He has a tough job, being so outnumbered. But he looks fully present and aware of what he has to do. His wide stance shows his confidence and command of the situation.

The card indicates a situation in which one is being attacked, probably unfairly. It also suggests ultimate victory.


Although you're being attacked from all sides, you're doing a good job holding your ground...keep it up :)

A very positive card in this sense