Golden Tarot -- Six of Wands


A group of men are before us. Three are on horseback. One walks behind, blowing a horn. The closest one to us rides a white horse that paws the ground. The rider wears red tights, a brown coat and a large red and white hat. He holds a wand with a flag on the end, decorated with fleurs de lys. Carrying a horn in a strap over his shoulder, he looks ahead.

All the horses approach the right side of the card from the left. The middle rider, on a brown horse, looks up. He is a little behind the others. He wears red and holds his wand over his shoulder.

The rider in the back of the card has curly blond hair and rides a gray horse that looks like it's raring to go. He holds three wands, one of which carries a message.

The man on foot also carries a wand.

They are in a lush green landscape. It is either nightfall or early morning. Another message lies on the ground. It looks like they are bringing good news, like they are comrades, traveling with news of victory.


sometimes when I see this card, they seem to me a weary group. possibly returning after a very long important journey, or perhaps a war somewhere far away and now returning home with the news of victory. because they are not in bandages and such, it is most definately a card with good tidings, and this is just what the card means too.