Golden Tarot - Strength


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This card is a bit darker than the RW version. It probably has something to do with the age and condition of the source works. The horse is such a strong and majestic image, too. All the figures on this card would make great protectors, very powerful, and strong.
Base pic
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woman and infinity symbol
I love the description that this site has about the figure so here it is
“The aristocratic appearance of this female figure is based entirely on the circling patterns of the robe, which builds up an ogee form embracing vibrant spatial rhythms. These are most marked in the arm, the wheel and the somewhat heavily rendered drapery. The well-mannered monumentality is enhanced by the yellow colour. In the embroidery of the bodice the yellow has the quality of a goldsmith's work; it ripples as if there were a slight movement in the air.”
about St. Catherine herself


The background of the card is dark, looks like the weather is a bit stormy (the little flag the knight is holding). All this suggests the woman has to use strength not just with the lion but also with her surroundings. It looks as if she already won the lion over, the lion looks as if he is protecting her.

There is a strong contrast between the dark surroundings and the bright woman - in dress, colour of her skin, colour of her hair etc.
Through her character, the woman has won over all living creatures we see in the card, and they will help her in her other struggles. The horse and the knight are coming to her aid as well. Animals are important in this card: apart from the lion, we see the horse and bird clearly but the knight only when we look more closely (well at least I did).

After reading the info on St. Catherine, I can only say she is worthy to represent Strength.


Golden Tarot -- Strength

Thank you , Livia , for those magnificent links. The whole painting of St. George is astonishing.
To me, there is an inner world of spiritual courage, the golden lady who has tamed the lion, and an outer world of protection and healing strength, St. George. Platonic left, Christian right. The dark foliage lies behind both main elements, as if to call for both inner and outer strength to overcome darkness.
Lemniscate and battle-staff are side-by-side above to join the two strengths into one power in its two aspects, Daimon and Guardian Angel. Beautiful composition.


Thank you so much for the links to the original artwork. What amazing choices for this card, and how beautifully Kat put them together. This deck has given me a whole new respect for collage work.

I had such a different take on this, possibly my favorite card in the deck. The lady has such an amazing look on her face, as if she knows so much, and she has this magnificent lion with her. Her robe is the same color as the lion.

To me, the knight appears to be coming to her aid, but she doesn't need it. She knows all about him, and hears his approach. But he doesn't know about her and her strength. She has this secret, knowing smile on her face. It just blows me away.

This card perfectly illustrates the secret strength of women ( edited to add: although, in a reading, anyone's secret strength) -- the strength we keep secret even from ourselves sometimes. I love it. It is my favorite Strength card, and as I said earlier, perhaps my favorite in this deck as well, though there are so many others that are brilliant, it is hard to choose.

The Lady and the Lion is one of the cards by which I choose a deck, and this one has found its way into my heart.


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I do agree the the lion is protecting her from the darker elements surrounding her. However I hadn't seen the knight as a protector, but as an adversary. The bird on his should made him seem a menacing figure to me, it looks a big black crow. (Looks like the crow was added, and isn't part of the original St. George painting) Although his white horse would be a point to the innocent side...

I thought of this card more as the rogue knight sneeking up to harm the woman. From the sideways glance in her eye we can see she knows he's there, and is waiting for the right time to unleash the winged lion. Clearly she is going to win.


Golden Tarot -- Strength

That is an interesting, insightful interpretation, similia. Maybe the knight is an outer, threatening intrusion, while the Lady's inner strength keeps him at a harmless distance. But the knight's staff and golden banner seem lofty and positvely strong. Also, the knight has a silvery sheen, the Lady a golden sheen. I wonder if they complement or clash.


Frank Hall said:
But the knight's staff and golden banner seem lofty and positvely strong. Also, the knight has a silvery sheen, the Lady a golden sheen. I wonder if they complement or clash.

mmm, more to think about. :) This is one on the things I love most about this deck. I've only recently started looking for the original artwork sources, and I'm often really suprised at the origin of the pieces. Before reading this thread I didn't realise the knight was a St. George, and the bird said to me "scary knight" straight away. Now I can also see the "helpful knight" interpretation.

This deck is becoming a course in legends for me.


To me, the knight on the horse represents the physical kind of strength, as opposed to the internal kind represented by the lady. Also, there is the contrast between the speed of the knight and the stillness of the lady.

I think that he's coming to help her, but that she is not what he is expecting to find. Maybe that's why she has that incredible smile on her face. Perhaps at one point she was the helpless maiden, but she's managed to tame the lion and now she's every bit his equal. He's about to get his mind blown.

One question I have is what is she holding -- is that a whip?


I agree with what you Prism~ when we find our own Internal Strength, we no longer seek or desire a knight in shining armor to come and save us~
Prism said:
One question I have is what is she holding -- is that a whip?
Isn't that the lion's tail sort of curling up around her arm? :)