Golden Tarot Study Group - outline proposal


I thought that since there was lively discussion about the Golden Tarot that I would propose an outline for study….
Since many of the cards were discussed in a previous thread I would like to divide it up and maybe quote that thread … it is located at
It seems there is plenty of interest it just never got pushed forward, so here it goes….

Proposed Outline

-Major Arcana
0 Fool - already started at
I The Majician
II-XXI to follow
-Minor Arcana
I thought we could do a suit overview and any individual cards that we felt like discussing or had questions, comments, or concerns and build from there.

-Misc. Discussion
Influences of the Source Art
Personal Experience with the deck
Maybe a thread about how this deck differs from RW

I would also like to thank Kat Black for the wonderful deck, all the hard work really shows! I am excited to hear that you are thinking about making another deck, please take your time.


If anyone can't tell I just tried to get the ball rolling with a couple of post the links are already provided above...if there is any interest I will keep on going.


How about the Courts?


I'm not on the forums a lot but I'd be interested in participating in a Golden Tarot study group. This outline seems like a good start.

There is another thread in the Study Groups about the Court Cards ( I've seen lots of material about the court cards but it doesn't always sink in. :) It might be nice to look at the Golden Tarot court cards as they are quite rich images. Indeed the entire deck might be described as "Rich".