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This is just what I was looking for - if it starts up, please PM me!


Hi Danubhe,

If you'd like to add to any of these threads or start a new one of your own I'd say just do it.

This index thread is an old thread.

If you do decide to start a thread on a card not yet studied could you please let Moonbow* or myself know so that we can add a link to the index thread.


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Will do! :D


this is great, I need a study tool like this!


yes I would like to join too! Please PM me if you do

6 Haunted Days

This is so odd. This deck was coveted, waited for and lusted after for years and years. And it's one of the best loved decks of all time. But the study group barely squeaked off the ground and now it's a ghost town.

This would be the perfect deck for intense study (other than the DruidCraft) with all the imagery, symbolism and depth in all the cards.

There is a quality of mysticism and erethral magic, an undefinable quality that words can't convey in there limited structure. I know when I 1st got this deck 5 months ago I was astounded at the sheer beauty of the presentation and the cards themselves....weighty, heavy with a rich darkness...hauntingly melancholy. I was overwhelmed truly, so much in each card, that it fogged my mind. Now I am ready for it, the time is right spiritually and emtionally, I feel this is an intensely spiritual deck, and everything about it...images, use of colour and the expressions on the faces is very Autumnal, this is going to be the perfect deck going into October (eh it's the 1st right now!) as well as the Winter snows and darkness falling.

I was expecting a large study group considerings it's popularity for over 3 years....what a surprise!


You shouldn't be surprised. People like to own decks but seldom use them. :)

6 Haunted Days

Yea I am starting to have that dawn on me :(. I see it over and over in the study groups, they all fizzle very fast, there are exceptions, but those seem minimal.

It gets lonely posting all by yourself in a study group (group being the operative word!).


I got this in trade from Solitaire just a bit ago and have used it a lot. It is not only beautiful but I'll give praise to the artist and publisher both for taking the time to credit all her sources in the back of the book. That raises her head and shoulders above many of the other collage designers/publishers.

I jumped into Tabi's symbology study group, and the Tarot of the Cat People study group, and very shortly found myself talking to myself. I can do that much more easily all by myself rather than taking the time to scan and upload cards and type up a summary thereby exposing my ignorance to all and sundry :)