Golden Tarot -- Temperance


A nun with huge, outstretched, feathery wings stands barefoot in a shallow stream. She pours water (or some liquid) from one cup into another. Her simple robes are pale orange and brown with a rope belt, and she wears a black wimple. A nearby duck echoes the colors of her robes.

She is in a landscape of low green hills and a river. The sky is blue with some clouds. There are two black irises and one white iris growing alongside the river beside her, which shows the combining of opposites, one of the meanings of the card.

Over her head, on her left side, a priest (whom we see from the waist up) with a halo floats in the air, leaning over a cloud. He seems to be giving her his blessing.

It's a very peaceful scene. The colors are very subdued. Her wings really stand out, making me think about how our ordinary, everyday lives can be transformed by creating something new. The picture also makes me think of healing -- her feet in the healing water and the blessing from the priest.