Golden Tarot -- Ten of Coins


Five members of a royal family relax in a hilly green garden outside the castle walls. Two of the people wear blue and white, two wear red and white, and the baby wears nothing. The queen sits at the highest point, reading a red book. A white dog is at her feet. Below her, a boy (the book says a girl, but to me it looks like a boy) picks cherries from a tree on which also grow ten golden coins. Below them are two girls. On the left side of the image, one of them ladles water from a rectangular rainwater container (sorry for the poor vocabulary). The other one entertains the baby who plays with a string instrument. A white dog with a red collar reclines at the very bottom of the card. There are beautiful flowers growing against the wall.

All the family members look content, but, except for the girl and the baby, they are all doing their own thing. They are certainly comfortable materially. And even though they aren't interacting, they belong together and are comfortable with each other. There's a feeling of harmony in this card -- the balanced colors and placement of the people create this sense.

Except for the queen reading her book, everyone is involved in activities that benefit the whole family. Obviously, being royalty, they could have others do the cherry-picking, etc,, for them. So there is the idea here that there is pleasure to be had in contributing to the welfare of the group. And of course there is the idea of material success.


"Contributing to the welfare of the group"

I like that. It adds more depth to the card than just being about family which for me made it kind of limiting. Group can ANY group; friends, co-workers, employees, or even humanity in general


I don't see this as a family, I see it as friends, or children in a "daycare" type environment. They don't seem like adults to me. I agree about them equally contributing. They all have a task or chores to do and nobody is slacking off, they are all happily getting things done.