Golden Tarot : The Fool card


Jewel-ry said:
It is a powerful sound which has an impact and can give courage.

Any other thoughts?

J :)

I agree with your idea of courage; courage to step forward into newness of any kind, which always seems daunting at first. :)


mooncat2 said:
... she is moving to the rhythm of her own drumbeat.

Like minds think alike? :D

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the drum. :)


It is a powerful sound which has an impact and can give courage.

Courage to follow your own heartbeat when those around you are not encouraging.
Like minds think alike?
And great ones too - lol!


mooncat2 said:
Courage to follow your own heartbeat when those around you are not encouraging.

Yes!!! Especially when others aren't supportive. Isn't that when we most need to return to our essential selves? Our 'fool' state? :)

And great ones too - lol! [/B]



She reminds me of a member of a minstrels troupe - perhaps the dog is trained to perform ; her white gown means she retains her innocence in spite of all she sees on her journey . She is alert or looking - perhaps to see if she is followed ?


I like the fact that this Fool is a woman not a young male. She is standing on the edge of the cliff but is looking to the side. The dog jumps up but she doesn't seem to notice it. The Fool does look as though she knows where she is going. She carries no bag but she holds the drum as a possession.

She is very serious faced and doesn't look at all like the traditional 'Fool' - I like this card, its a no nonsense card.


I like this card too Emily, its one of my favourites in this deck. It has a certain innocence to it which is quite different.



The Fool

I found it interesting that her face is the only indication of her gender. Her arm obscures her breasts. She carries the drum which is used to keep step. I see the fool as a person moving to her own impulses. She either will begin the procession or follow it. She is not concerned with natural laws but rarther those laws embrace her. She is oblivious to consequences. She is unbound in her quest. She may find success or folly--neither concerns her. Nothing will stop her journey.--Tao


i was thinking of the discussion of the drum.... the drum is probably the most basic instrument... forming the beat... the begining. all the rest, the melody, the tune, the elaboration come from the beat... and this drum is as basic as it gets.
...just like the fool....


I love this fool with her drum and dog. The hoop drum is often used for shamanic journeys, so perhaps she is about to step off the cliff into a spiritual journey.

Or perhaps she is pausing at the edge of a cliff, the dangers of following your own drum.

I think of the Fool as Beginner's Mind, a good place that I go to often as an artist. It doesn't mean that you lose your experience, (thus her wisdom), but that you visit that place with the open heart of a beginner, as if for the first time -- non-judgemental, totally aware.

This Fool has that relaxed total awareness and open heart, as well as the courage (I agree about the drum and courage). I love her purity, as well as her connectedness to the earth and sun through the brown and gold trim colors.

When I fist saw her, she was such a shock -- so different, so understated, and a woman. As with many of the cards in this deck, it takes a little while to appreciate the depth of the image in terms of Tarot.