Golden Tarot : The Fool card


Namaste said:
I feel this fool speaks less of impetuousness and of innocence than it does of wisdom

I really agree! Her facial expression is so full of knowing. She is looking where she is going (at the goal, and not the drop in front of her) and is determined to move forward.

I think this goes very well with The Fool as a woman. The usual man is less in touch with the subtle world around him, (no offence to my gender) and needs an animal to urge him along, or warn him of the perils. Usually the background in this card emphasises the air element of rational thinking, and perhaps stepping away from that. In this card there is a dark forest, of confused and hidden things (a feeling more like the High Priestess for me).

The Female Fool by contrast is not only fully aware of the mysteries around her, but is using her drum to set the pace for others. In this card the dog is looking to her for guidance.


Golden Tarot : the Fool

There is something mysteriously right about the circular drum and the dark, shadowy green background. The upper right corner looks like fireworks subtley exploding out of the cosmic deep. Existence from Non-existence. The drum is original Being (circle) and Self-expression and awakening and strong rhythm. The face shines with the search for life-experience and Beauty-Truth. This fool is serenely independent and open to the universe without stupidity or trepidation. What does the dog want to communicate? "I'll be your devoted companion."

Little Baron

This fool appears to be in a trance. The trance takes her away from the world around her, for in a world of convention, she is an outsider. Thinking about the trance, the drum reminds me of one used in voodoo ceremonies to summon spirit. She is being taken over [possessed], but in this case, by impulse, rather than conscious thought.

I have never liked this Fool, so I am trying, through study, to appreciate her.



ScarabFlight said:
I really like the thought about music being the language. I hadn't really thought about it in that way. It's kind of like the language of the cards. Fuller and more encompassing than just words. Especially in this deck, the pictures are like music to the eye, ideas to be understood and digested on many levels.

It's exactly this "the pictures are like music to the eye, ideas to be understood and digested on many levels"

I think that's beautifully put and describes perfectly what I think of this deck. Also of this card.


--------------sorry, just posted something foolish!


All I have to add is to this is that I love the repeated circles in the image -- the drum, the hat brim, the circle on the hat, the belt buckle, the belt, the skirt -- so many "O"s! No beginning, no end. Nothing yet.


Golden Tarot Fool

All those O's suggest opening out beyond confines, with confidence and creative originality. Maybe a little oblivious of the open road ahead, Beginning to find one's path, to be one's own pioneer without fear, outreaching, outgoing, not yet knowing...


A young girl who plays her drum, trying to find her beat in life maybe, has stopped here in the forest. The forest seems very thick and something tells me she is lost because she was so busy playing her drum she did not realise where she was going and how much time has passed, for the night has come. She does not seem scared or worried even though she is in trouble, or so it seems. Her hunting dog is guarding her and he wants to play, he wants her to continue drumming. She has faith she will find her path in life and her innocence makes her unaware of the dangers lurking around.

Maybe she has run away from her family who want to dictate her life, she seems to be from a good rich family for her dress and hat seems costly. Maybe she thought she could get some money playing her drum, but in her innocence she did not really prepare for a journey, she has no package on her, no food or water.

Or maybe she is a girl working in a group of musicians, actors and acrobats. She is working on her drumming skills, maybe she gave a spectacle earlier with her drumming and her dog (she showed him tricks) and she is trying to find where the others have established their encampment.

It is strange to see how where she stands, it is so dark with the dense dark forest behind her, and she seems to be the light illuminating the darkness, while the cliff is filled with light at the bottom.