Golden Tarot -- The Hanged Man


He hangs down from a cross beam on a tree, and there are green leaves on the beam. One foot is tied at the ankle and held firmly at the top. His right leg is crossed over his left, and that foot is attached by the same rope, but it hangs slightly down from the beam. He wears only his underwear, and he has a healthy looking body. His hands are behind his back, probably tied but maybe not. His straight brown hair hangs down, almost merging with the brown of the tree trunk.

He gazes off into the distance, caught up in his thoughts or perhaps being transformed by them. The sun is shining on him. There is a rocky arrangement of hills behind him, a few trees grow. Behind the hill, there is the top of a building, with a small tower. There are clouds in the sky. We don't know how long he has been there, but presumably not long, since he looks in such good shape. We don't know how long he'll have to stay. There is only the barest suggestion that there are people anywhere near him.

On either side of him, sort of framing the picture, are the sides of two trees. One is a palm.

Perhaps one of the lessons of the Hanged Man is one he learns from the trees. How to be just where he is, motionless and strong. There is, of course, also the lesson of sacrifice. He has nothing, at this point, except his life. And there is also the idea of transformation. Everything looks different to him now.