Golden Tarot ~ The Star


Having survived The Tower ~ the dust settles and a new view comes into sight ~ having cleared away the rubble and clutter from our life, we adjust to new thoughts and emotions ~ we have The Star as our guide.

The woman in the Golden Tarot Star is not so voluptuous like some Star images are. To me she has the feel of both innocence and that of an old soul. She's a tenderfoot; she'll go naked, but has to have sandles on her feet! I like the dogs; two are lazing in the cool leaves behind her, but her faithful pooch is keeping an eye on that mermaid. There is a waterwheel down the stream ~ turning, swooping up water then spilling it back into the stream ~ while generating the power to turn a millstone inside the gristmill.

Your goal can be reached if you set your path and keep to it.
For me, she is the light in the Hermit's lantern. I can look up, but I can also look within.

Suz :heart:


tarot4fun said:
For me, she is the light in the Hermit's lantern. I can look up, but I can also look within. Suz :heart:

I see similiarities between this card and Temperance, minus the habit, of course. But The Star keeps her own counsel, not needing the guide on the cloud. She also has one foot in water (unconscious) and one on land (conscious).
Any ideas on the seven stars? Why seven? Are they about to form a crown?
The mermaid does not look like she's just attained nirvana - she's either exhausted or worse. (Granted, this could be my projection of the day.) Is The Star about to revive this creature? Her dog's alertness is a distraction for me - everything looks in order, but he senses differently? She's oblivious to some sort of danger, like her other companions? Or does she ignore all distractions upon arriving in this state, confident in protection? This is a puzzling card for me. I've wondered if there is more going on in it than was really intended.


Queen of Disks

Maybe the dog is spooked by the mermaid. (It is after all, a mermaid.) The Star to me has been there and done that, and is now at peace with herself. She can handle any trouble that comes her way. I don't think the stars are making a crown, because The Star has a diadem or small crown on her head already. My favorite detail is the sandals. Ancient Roman statues of the Goddess Venus often portrayed Her naked except for a pair of sandals (and sometimes She was taking them off.)

This card, and the World, is my favorite card.


brenmck said:
Any ideas on the seven stars? Why seven?
One thought~
The large star looks like Star of Bethlehem~ and with seven smaller stars, they add up to eight.
XVII ~ 17 ~ 1+7=8
Queen of Disks said:
My favorite detail is the sandals. Ancient Roman statues of the Goddess Venus often portrayed Her naked except for a pair of sandals (and sometimes She was taking them off.)
Thank you! I think I knew that, but had forgotten~ :)

Suz :heart:


More symbols~

The bird in this card is a stork~
This is a sign of a new arrival or a birth of a new project in your life. It can signal the conception or the birth of a new idea.
The stork is also an omen of domestic happiness and contentment.
The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Lynn
A stork nesting on one's property is welcomed as a good omen; they are thought to bring good luck and harmony to the family.

The plants along the edge are sending roots down into the water~
This can represent tapping into the hidden and murky parts of the psyche. Waters of life come from above also, the woman is willing to pour out what we need from her pitchers.

Some keywords/phrases from Pictures From the Heart by Sandra A. Thomson~“…attending to or balancing inner and outer awarenesses … allowing cosmic energies to flow through one … renewal of life forces or energy …”



the important thing for me with the Star is while you are waiting for your hopes and dreams to materialize, keep one foot firmly planted in reality and the other foot in the waters of your daydreams.

Fantasy and daydreams are where the "mermaids" live, this is the place where anything is possible. But without a good foothold in the real world, it is very easy to get lost.

Watch the Star as she balances between these two realities


Golden Tarot Star

Yes, HerzogIsGod, you said it so well, that it takes reality and imagination to make a whole world, a whole life. The dog and the mermaid tell us there are two worlds, this world of walking on earth on all fours, the Other World of swimming freely through water with a magical tail. The Star above is the Higher Power, call it what you will, out of which the two worlds arise and divide; and the Star is the Reconciliation of the two, and the Force that inspires us to conjoin (or Balance) the two. So the Lady, innocent and discerning, holds the two urns, one higher, one lower, close to her solar plexus and heart. She has reality in one urn and "hopes and dreams" in the other.


I really like this card - there are so many ways to interpret the image! For me, this card is about following your star to put you on the right track for the future. There is a lot of balance in the imagery going on here.

The star that lights her way is in the middle of the group of stars; you don't want to stray too far off your path or you'll lose sight of what you are aiming for. She has one foot in the water and one outside of it, maybe indicating a need to keep one foot planted in reality while at the same time keeping the other in your dreams. You cannot achieve what you want in life by focusing to much on one or the other, balance must be present.

On the left a dog stands alert, while on the right the dogs are laying around only paying attention to each other. Maybe this represents a balance in relationships? Don't depend too heavily on a significant other, but don't try to go it alone all the time either. Another point of balance - behind her on one side are buildings, signs of civilization, while on the other side is wilderness.

Overall, I see the right side with: foot in water, lovebird dogs, and civilization. On the left: foot out of water, alert dog, and wilderness. This tells me that the right might stand for dreaminess, dependence on others, while the left stands for independence, being grounded. Truly a card of balance!

Another thing I notice are the urns she holds, and how they are the same colors as the starry sky. Perhaps she is bringing knowledge or hope from her starry path, and pouring them out on each side in an effort to bring both sides of the scene together?


Love it!

Hi all! I am new to the forums and after a 15 year journey to find a deck that speaks to me I found it in the Golden Tarot! :D
Often when I have done readings in the past or friends have done so for me; one of my main signifying cards is The Star (along with Queen of Wands/Rods & Strength).
I am really rusty when it comes to reading and have only done two small readings (one for myself and one for my fiancee) since getting my deck ( and so far the readings have gone smoothly as well as my deck has a sense of humor lol ;) )
I am going to take my time reading through each post with the card handy. I am grateful that this thread and Study group is here!
Just wanted to say hi!