Golden Tarot -- The Tower


There is a scene of great destruction and anguish. It is nighttime, and a tower is cracked and in flames. Saving it is impossible. A large crown explodes out of the top, perhaps symbolizing the death of the king, and therefore the death of the old order of things.

One man plunges to his death.

On the ground in front of the tower a crowd of people are gathered -- four adults and two children. One of the adults looks up to heaven and prays with clasped hands. One woman holds her two arms up, hysterical. A man standing next to her regards her out of the corner of his eye, as if he wished she'd pipe down. Someone who looks like a nun appears to be trying to comfort the crying children.

An angel floats in the air above the falling man. I had thought the angel looked distraught. The book says it is a vengeful angel, which I actually think is more interesting, and when I read that it made more sense. But is it vengeful because the people were living sinful lives? Or is it a fallen angel, a kind of loose cannon taking out its anger on these people? The angel seems to give a different dimension to this card.


Can't really add anything to your post here. I feel you've described it exactly as I can see it. It is a disturbing card, and yes, it is a vengeful angel, but not a fallen angel. I found this on the Golden Tarot site, by the (I think) creator of the deck, regarding the angel in question-

I've taken a slightly more medieval interpretation - this is fairly obviously and directly the wrath of God, indicated by the presence of the angel. Many angels depicted in this era were the scary divine-vengence type rather than pleasant, benevolent figures

an interesting card and one of the best tower cards in a tarot deck. (IMHO) you can feel the hopelessness here shown by the people and the angel also, I think. powerful.