Golden Tarot -- Three of Wands


A man wearing orange (power) and green (success) stands on a green and rocky shore, facing away from us and looking out over a green harbor. He is barefoot. Maybe he didn't want to get his shoes wet. He wears a round hat on top of his head with a scarf around it (the hat) hat ties at the back.

A sailing ship is turned toward him, which makes me think of "his ship coming in," although the book says that he is watching his goods being loaded onto a ship. Three wands stand straight up by him. He holds onto one of them with his right hand.

In the distance, on the left side of the card are two brown hills. On top of the far one is a castle. At the bottom is a city.

The sun is rising off to the right of the card. There is also the front of another boat that seems to be approaching from the right of the card.

The card makes me think about a number of different things: dreams about to be realized; also going it alone; also wanderlust, exploration and travel.