Golden Tarot -- Two of Coins


A man stands on a rocky shore. A few green plants grow at his feet. He wears a comical (and conical) hat, brown dress and a red tunic with matching red tights. All that red indicates a lot of energy. He wears o shoes. Maybe that helps him keep his balance on the rocks. He faces us, turned just slightly to his left.

He is juggling two coins inside a green rope, which is on the end of a stick. He smiles at them. He's enjoying himself, and he's good at what he's doing. The coins look like they'll stay up just as long as he wants them to.

The sky is blue and there are a few puffy white clouds in the sky. Behind him on the water are two boats. One is near the shore, heading out to sea. The other is farther away.

The coins and the boats seems to speak of duality and keeping your balance with equanimity while life goes on with all its ups and downs around you. Not only can you manage it, but you can enjoy yourself while doing it.

The boats also seem to be saying that what you can manage to do now will bring rewards in the future, when the boats return.