Golden Tarot -- Two of Cups


A man and woman stand underneath an elaborate white archway with columns on either side. They face forward, raising their cups of wine to one another, almost as if they are having their picture taken. They are dressed rather formally and in similar fashion and colors. They are definitely kindred spirits. The woman holds a quill pen -- perhaps they have just signed a marriage contracct. They look quite pleased with themselves. The man looks straight ahead. The woman looks slightly to her left. At their feet is a peacock with its tail feathers unspread. Peacocks apparently sometimes represent courting behavior, and I'm wondering if the fact that its tail feathers are unspread indicates that in this case there was no need for any outlandish courtship rituals because the couple are so in tune with one another. There is also an empty bowl. I'm not sure about the bowl -- maybe it indicates that they are at the beginning of their relationship; the bowl is yet to be filled. Behind them, in a field, is a flock of sheep on a gentle rolling landscape. The sky is blue with some puffy clouds. Above them is an image of a heraldic lion. I read that this could indicate that both people in the relationship need to take care to develop their own individuality -- in the right relationship, each partner will help the other to become fulfilled individuals.